GMA’s SONA announcement on lower text rates was just telcos’ promo

On July 28, 2008, in her State of the Nation Address, Arroyo said: Texting is a way of life. I asked the telecoms to cut the cost of messages between networks. They responded. It is now down to 50 centavos. Continue reading


What makes it news?

We define a news story by its elements: it must be relevant, timely, and unique. News is usually defined as something NEW — information that hasn’t come out before, and which the people need to know now. But that can be misleading. Continue reading

GMA’s SONA — It’s not my fault

Arroyo’s almost one-hour long State of the Nation Address (SONA) squarely put the blame on whatever is wrong with the country on everybody and everything — except her. Continue reading

Poverty and crime

Despondent man kills 3-mo-old son —

This is not the first time that parents have killed their children out of poverty. Several years ago a man poisoned his children and his wife, then tried to kill himself as well, but survived. There have been stories of mothers who kill their children, or fathers who go crazy and turn on their families. Poverty kills, in more ways than one. This is why it’s a sin to flaunt one’s wealth at a time when people are dying of hunger. This is why it’s a crime to steal from public coffers when people are dying of poverty.

Old woman in the rain

She sells cigarettes by the sidewalk.

She sells cigarettes by the sidewalk.

I saw her shivering in the rain, crouched under her umbrella. I have stopped smoking but I bought all the Philip Morris cigarettes she had, hoping that would comfort her and make the time she spent in the rain worthwhile.
My clothes are wet, she said, and she couldn’t change because the one supposed to mind the goods she was selling had run away. Seemed like a bad day for her, but she smiled as she told me how bad it was, and let me take her picture. I paid P16 for the cigarettes, which now seems cheap compared to what she told me: that no matter how bad a day may be, it’s still our choice whether or not to smile.

Qantas July 27 ’08 briefing

Australian Transport safety Nivelle Blyth briefs the press on the Qantas investigation

Australian Transport safety Nivelle Blyth briefs the press on the Qantas investigation

The focus of the current investigation on what caused the hole in the Qantas plane focuses more on safety, not security, said Nivelle Blyth, senior transport safety investigator of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Blyth held a briefing at the NAIA Terminal I Sunday afternoon.
Here are notes taken during that briefing. Continue reading

GMA and Marcos

Quick notes on today’s SONA (State of the Nation Address), because I don’t have time to write a longer one. Continue reading