Girl, 3, raped and almost killed

For how long can we blame others – the poor, poverty, drugs, even the government – for crimes like these? For how long will we ignore the fact that our refusal to act and do more than we have done before also contributes to our descent to Hell?
Today, this girl. Tomorrow, dear God, let it not be my child. But should it happen to me, what right do I have to protest, and rant and rage, when I have allowed it to happen to others before me? Why should it be wrong only when I and those I love are involved?
Each unpunished crime encourages yet another criminal and breeds more crime. That is why, in law, crimes like these are prosecuted in the name of the people, because each act is a crime against us all. Each unpunished murder, or rape, makes it more likely that there will be another, and that the next victim will either be us or someone we know.
I don’t know if there will be outrage. She was just a street dweller, the sixth of six children. I don’t know if she looked pretty enough to make people sympathize or to remind them of their lost childhood or a forgotten childhood friend.
Still, tonight I will rant and rage for the crime done against a child, for a childhood that will forever be lost. I will rant and rage because to me, though I never knew her and would rather not know her at all, she is as precious as any child, as my child is to me. I will rant and rage because I refuse to accept that some children are more likely to become victims than others, that some children are less precious than others.
I will not go quietly into the night…so that when I die I can at least tell my God, “Well, I did shout my lungs out.” 🙂


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