GMA and Marcos

Quick notes on today’s SONA (State of the Nation Address), because I don’t have time to write a longer one.
1. “Parang Marcos time, signal no.2 pero umaaraw (It’s just like during the time of Marcos, they declared a typhoon signal no. 2 but the sun was shining),” my sister said. Classes have been cancelled in Metro Manila in elementary and high school, but not because of the SONA. There’s a typhoon in the north, or somewhere out there, and government authorities are worried it might rain. “Classes are cancelled because of the rain and the floods that the typhoon might cause,” the radio report said in Tagalog during the 7 a.m. news. But then again, it might be turn out to be a rainy day….check this link.
2. Sona for SONA. Remember when sona used to mean something else? This Inquirer report reminded me, yet again, of the dark, dark days of Martial Law. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised at the similarities. Many of those who implemented Martial Law — the majors and young lieutenants of the military and the then Philippine Constabulary — are today’s generals in the AFP and the PNP.


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