Qantas July 27 ’08 briefing

Australian Transport safety Nivelle Blyth briefs the press on the Qantas investigation

Australian Transport safety Nivelle Blyth briefs the press on the Qantas investigation

The focus of the current investigation on what caused the hole in the Qantas plane focuses more on safety, not security, said Nivelle Blyth, senior transport safety investigator of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. Blyth held a briefing at the NAIA Terminal I Sunday afternoon.
Here are notes taken during that briefing.
There’s not much in here, though. It was harder to take notes this time.

myself and 3 teams arrived mla 6 am yesterday morning in response to…
aircraft subsequently…safely landed in mla all passengers disembarked, no injuries, aircraft quarantined and isolated on tarmac. first thing we did meet with our counterparts of civil aviatio…to discuss ongoing operation and technical investigation and we are continuing to work closely with civil aviation authority…the gentleman with cwip with us today will respond to local questions with regards to cwap…early stages at the moment.

upon arrival and disembarkation of passengers aircraft secured and isolated until such time as investigating parties could arrive in mla and coordinate organized investigation. investigation being conducted under the international civil aviation orgs…an agreed international document which details investigations on intl matters…annex 13…provide for extension protection of information that comes to light during investigation…this morning colleagues from national transportation safety board of us, boeing, and met with itsp, cwap, and qantas as well as local security representatives. coordinated activities…
work done yesterday…activities in terms of investigation revolved primarily around safety aspects, assisted by phil security authorities in conducing inspection of aircraft for any issues that might threaten safety of investigators, no issues of safety..just litter and bits of pieces of materials that occurs as passengers have to disembark. areas of damage, externally and internally isolated from further involvement to preserve physical evidence…with regards to damage…and bits of pieces that we’re going to inspect. the passengers’ property, baggage removed from rear to forward haul of aircraft, inspected for evidence of untoward materials, materials of concern, no evidence of any concerning materials from security perspective. we met with parties of investigation under annex 13 of agreement…at this stage we envisage investigation of aircraft and damage will continue for next 2-3 days. close investigation of external, internal damage areas, gathering of records, information related to operation of aircraft, along with investigation of physical evidence. release of prelim investigation factual report, 30-45 atsb, no analysis or conclusions drawn, contain facts…far too early to be speculating regarding possible contributory factors to occurence…ensuring that parties to investigation have access to investigation so can use for future safety and benefit to investigation…

not making any speculation…early stage..important that media and other parties involved avoid doing so. important for credibility of investigation…(inspection of oxygen system) damage to fuselage of aircraft in vicinity of oxygen supplied…areas like that need to be inspected. the investigation is only today starting to conduct detailed study of areas…oxygen equipment in rear of forward passenger hold. that area will be subject to close scrutiny.
we’re clarifying as part of investigation the extra role of those cylinders to safety of aircraft. one cylinder which is not present, not accounted for in that area…(how many cylinder in that area) we basically will be examining the area…we have 747 expertise in our team, and qualified people…volume and all technical data…(test for explosive residue) there’s been commentary as regard to whether this was security event…it’s important not to rule out anything in respect to these investigations and in respect to security related issues, rp provided inspection dogs to aircraft and inspect aircraft for evidence of explosive materials. that inspection in any event was negative for any explosive…(grounding aircraft) not for investigation parties to answer, for aus regulatory….not aware of plans to ground fleet…action such as that must be taken on basis of factual investigation, evidence of concern…investigation conducted on oxygen cylinder mentioned earlier. 747 range of aircraft, broad and long design, which the varous designs do…materials forensic engineering…local of…fire…something looking at in effect of damage of aircraft…critical and inherent part of design that able to sustain considerable amount of damage in many locations…aircraft cnotinued to operate normally…landed safely with all four safety systems working normally. it’s an action of prudence on qantas’ behalf…there are factors that might be contriburoty…
(can the oxygen bottles present in this 747 cause damage) damage we’re seeing compromisation of depressation that occurred and it’s been well reported. any source of stored pressure is a stored energy, like a coiled spring. if there was release of energy, it can cause damage…individual characteristics of damaged areas, lot of tech details that have to be drawn and inspeted…there was a line of cylinders insde baggage of cargo holer…green in color…securely mou…inside baggage hold and fuselage of aircraft…(one cylinder missing) yes. early days in investigation and can’t speculate the probablity of cyclinder having caused the damage. areas around damage being inspected. no evidence of any materials found.
can’t comment on details, investigation on early phases…yesterday making aircraft safe for investigators to enter….(when baggage back) between airline..
(can bring down plane) speculative for me to answer. any damage will be investigated throroughly for damage to plane.
wingspan area rather large, fourth of main structure area. (aside from inspection of aircraft able to interview pilot) flight crew and cabin crew back in aus. atsb interview flght the crew that were in vicinity o damage area…recovered flight data, voice data…the civil aviation authority will be sending rep to assist in recocry…compliments interviewof (some passengers saw floor drop wide) there was damage to cabin area, dmaage on outside, to floor area… boeing arrived as advisers to natioanl transportation safety board…(initial reaction) they’re professional people…security aspects important…any event important to this stage no evidence whatsover this is a security related event, being treated as safety investigation until such time…

(what could cause a cyclinder to explade) certain case…all aspects of that issue will be thoroughly examined…many techniques that can be used to identify…baggages were removed from hole and inspected by phil authorities and dealt with qantas logistics.

(maintenance isues) subject to ..corrosion middle degradation…
(damage in cabin) difficult to put pictures into words…amount of destruction….movement of air in cabin and…damage to fitting and fixtures of cabin….can’t go into specific detail..


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