Why GMA does not flip-flop

In a recent forum with the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of the Philippines (FOCAP), presidential spokesman Jess Dureza was asked about Arroyo’s flip-flops. She does not flip-flop, Dureza said, and challenged the reporter to cite instances in which Arroyo flip-flopped. There was a moment of silence.
See, you cannot remember them, Dureza said. And then reporters started citing examples, among them GMA’s infamous vow not to run for the 2004 presidential elections and the way she would implement – and sometimes not implement – her holiday economics policy.
“There were so many I couldn’t think of them right away,” the reporter said.
Dureza, however, was able to explain — convincingly — why GMA does not flip-flop. These are not the exact words he used, but they’re close enough.
People respond to the realities of the day. When new events come, you respond accordingly. Otherwise you’ll be out of sync.
Then he went on to mention that he was a congressman from 1987 to 1995, and that he “always responded to the call of the moment.” At this point he was asked about such values as consistency and reliability.
Consistency, he said, depends on the situation. You respond as a human being to events as they come.
As a lawyer, he makes a good case. If you start from the premise that consistency depends on the situation, then yes, GMA does not flip-flop. She responds to “the realities of the day” as well as to “the call of the moment.” She consistently flip-flops, in other words.
One actually asked if that can also be described as opportunism, but his voice was drowned by other questions and comments that Dureza’s explanation elicited. Will post my notes on that forum later.


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