RP revises GDP targets for 2008

The Philippines is revising downwards its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth targets, according to a statement sent thru e-mail by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). Continue reading



I got married last June, and I didn’t even know it. Not that I had a choice — or that it would be forever. When I entered the UP College of Law, I signed up for the evening block, which has all of its classes either during weekends or in the evenings. It was meant for working students, who have to work during the day. Continue reading

Executive clemency

What are the powers of the Executive when it comes to granting clemency? What is the difference between pardon and amnesty? Here are six cases on executive clemency that define what pardon is and how it is different from amnesty, and what the effects of pardon and amnesty are. Continue reading

When Judges Make Foreign Policy

An article from the New York Times.

Covering China

CNN’s China bureau chief Jimmy Florcruz was FOCAP’s guest speaker for our second Teodoro Benigno Lecture Series. Jimmy went to China 37 years ago, in an “open ended tour” that turned into years of exile when the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law shortly after Jimmy went to China. Continue reading

Nuffnang and me

I’ve signed up for Nuffnang, an Asian blog advertising community. I saw it on Tonyo’s blog, and thought I’d sign up myself. Continue reading

…Ang Kwento ng mga Tao sa Bayang Walang Hope (3)

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