Mapanique Lolas sing of their experience during World War II

In World War II, Mapanique village in Candaba town in Pampanga was known as a rebels’ lair. One night Japanese soldiers surrounded the village and, at daybreak, told the people to gather at the schoolhouse. They tortured and killed the men, burned all the houses down, and raped the women. But because they were not brought to a brothel, the Japanese government refused to acknowledge the women were sexually enslaved and to compensate them for having been turned into “comfort women.” Until now the women of Mapanique are fighting for justice. Before Congress closed, a House committee passed a resolution expressing support for the comfort women. However, someone questioned the fact that only three congressmen were present when the resolution was passed. So although the committee chairman issued a “Today is a historic day….etc” statement that day, which was even posted on a new website on the Net, it turns out the resolution was not actually passed. Sixty-four years after the killing of their menfolk and the rape done to them, justice continues to elude the women of Mapanique. I still have to figure out how to post videos here, so if you want to hear the Lolas singing, go to my facebook page.


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