After a year of dreaming about buying a new camera, I finally bought one. I wanted to see how long it would take to upload, and what the pictures would look like, so I’m posting some. None of these were altered in any way whatsoever. Pictures taken at Trinoma. Continue reading


Jocjoc Bolante’s arrival statement

Former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante has arrived in the Philippines, where he was arrested by Senate representatives. He was then brought to St. Luke’s Hospital for a medical checkup. Inside is a statement distributed to the media, through airport authorities, by his lawyer. Continue reading

Bishops call for “liberators”


Five Catholic bishops tell reporters change is needed

Five Catholic bishops tell reporters change is needed

“Who will pick up the broken, shattered pieces of our country, hurting from poverty and corruption, to make it whole again? Inspite of the seemingly hopeless and negative prognosis, our liberation may yet serendipitously happen. We are dreaming, praying and hoping that our country may yet have the needed liberators. Yes, liberators who will in a courageous peaceful way effectively and uncompromisingly reform our country.” — Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo**

**They later clarified that the liberators may either be “among us…or within us.” Continue reading

The press is more free in Nicaragua, Kosovo, Thailand, and Malaysia

The Philippine media is not Asia’s most free. The Reporters san Frontiers ranks the Philippines 139th in its 2008 report on press freedom, down from its slot of 128th last year. The Philippines is below Malaysia, Thailand, and even Timor-Leste. It is several slots down from Chad and Sudan, where the report said that “the slender gains of the past few years in Chad (133rd) and Sudan (135th) were swept away by the overnight introduction of censorship.” (click here to read the full report).It is several slots down from “Gabon (110th), Cameroon (129th), Morocco (122nd), Oman (123rd), Cambodia (126th), Jordan (128th) and Malaysia (132nd), [where] it is strictly forbidden to report anything that reflects badly on the president or monarch, or their family and close associates.”
The Philippines is way below Senegal, ranked 86th, and Algeria (121st) where “journalists are routinely sent to prison under repressive legislation that violates the democratic standards advocated by the UN.” Continue reading

Human rights lawyer abducted, illegally arrested

On October 23, as the police leadership used the term “due process” to explain why they have so far failed to find out the source of the P6.9 million that a now-retired general was caught with in Russia, a human rights lawyer was abducted and illegally arrested. Continue reading

Endings and beginnings

The evening class, I-E2013.

The evening class, I-E2013.

The semester is over. Yesterday was our last exam, barring removals. The next semester will begin on November 7. I don’t know how many of my classmates I’ll see in November; I don’t know if they’ll still see me in November, either. Continue reading

Is there or is there not an Asean regional fund?

Philippine economic managers face the press.

Philippine economic managers face the press.

There was a “convergence of ideas” said Finance Secretary Margarito Teves in Monday’s presser. That “convergence of ideas,” however, was not enough to establish a regional fund. “I’m painting a scenario,” Teves said, of a regional fund being approved by the leaders. But that scenario, he added, would “have to be validated by the Asean plus 3 heads of state in Beijing.
“They could adopt this scenario or they could modify it or they could reject it.” Continue reading