4th impeachment complaint filed vs GMA

Another impeachment complaint, the fourth, has been filed against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This is the first time that the civil society and people’s organizations managed to file the complaint ahead of anyone else.
“We were asking ourselves, did we anything wrong? This seemed so easy,” said one of those involved in the filing.
“This is not a numbers game,” said UP Prof. Harry Roque, one of the complainants. “An impeachment complaint is a complaint about a crime committed,” he said, and a citizen has a responsibility to complain about the crime and have it recorded.
Congress, however, will not open until November 10. The complaint will then be relayed to the House Speaker, who should refer it to the appropriate committee — justice or rules — which will then rule on the form and substance of the complaint.
“We have more evidence this time,” said lawyer Neri Colmenares, citing the Court of Appeals decision on the abduction of the Manalo brothers. Roque cites the Commission on Audit (CoA) report on the agriculture scams. More notes later, have to go now. 🙂 Will also post photos.


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