Jocjoc Bolante’s arrival statement

Former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn “Jocjoc” Bolante has arrived in the Philippines, where he was arrested by Senate representatives. He was then brought to St. Luke’s Hospital for a medical checkup. Inside is a statement distributed to the media, through airport authorities, by his lawyer.
Arrival statement of Mr. Jocelyn Bolante

Many baseless accusations have been thrown against me these past years. I choose to remain silent, but I have come to realize that the more I remain silent, the more vicious the accusations have become.

My family and I had to endure the hardships and the humiliations attendant to these accusations. Now that I am back, I shall assure you that I will answer any and all accusations of the proper forum.

But first, I shall seek medical check up and treatment, due mainly to the mental and physical stress and ailment brought about due to my detention at the United states.

I had no intention of snobbing the Senate hearings and I had made known to the Senate in writing the reasons for my non-appearance that I had made prior commitments abroad which were set long before the Senate’s scheduled hearings.

In truth and in fact, I committed through counsel in writing to appear before the Senate during the last week of January 2006.

I left the Philippines on December 11, 2005. Shortly thereafter, the Senate issued a warrant for my arrest. My visa issued by the U.S. was then cancelled leading to my arrest and detention in the United States. This concerned my belief that forces from many fronts were out to get me—either in prison or six feet under the ground.

That is the main reason why I sought for asylum in the United States. It was not for me to escape from liability from the so-called fertilizer anomaly. It was for my safety and the life of my family who had been unduly dragged into this whole controversy.

But that is behind me now. Now that I am back, I shall now fulfill my promise of saying my peace, giving my side of the story. I am ready to face the issues and all the malicious accusations against me.


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