Mustering the military

On November 28, 2008, the Philippine military gathered its men and materiel in Camp Aguinaldo and in Fort Bonifacio. I heard there was a similar check at the Air Force. Continue reading


What did JDV say at the impeachment hearing?

Notes on the Nov 24, 08 hearing of the House committee on justice. I didn’t take down everything, just what i thought were the interesting portions of JDV’s speech during that hearing. Continue reading

The Devil and Philippine politics

The Devil must be involved in Philippine politics, a lawyer I respected said recently.
Consider, she said, the fact that whenever there are national crises or controversies, some natural disaster happens to distract the public. Continue reading

The courage to fail

“Some temptations are so great it takes great courage to yield to them,” Oscar Wilde once wrote. I remember it as I think of how much courage it takes to fail, and of the people I know who are trying, and sometimes failing, to make their dreams come true. Continue reading

Entrance exams

Once, during dinner, my classmates and I started talking about the LAE, the UP College of Law’s entrance exams. None of us in the group had taken reviewers, though some did review for it. What was funny was the fact that most of us were convinced we got low scores in the Math portion of the test. Continue reading

senate ends bolante hearing

finally, the senate adjourned its hearings. next hearing to be announced later. 🙂

I BET – bolante will not go back to senate

lacson grills bolante. dami nang inconsistencies. Continue reading