bolante being grilled by mar

Mar: kailan inaprubahan ni gma ang paggamit ng pondo para sa eleksyon?
Bolante: arroyo not involved, never involved in project. Project was processed by dbm, did not require approval of pres arroyo.
Mar: mahirap paniwalaan. Gma micro-manager, nakikialam sa lahant ng bagay…728m pesos ito. Ang kabuuang budget ng da, where you were the finance and admin officer at that time, equivalent to one-fourth of budget of da at the time. Impossible na ganito kalaking halaga ay hindi nagkaroon ng approval mula sa pangulo. Nasa testimonya ni emmie boncodin, did the pres know about this, and kanyang sagot, I would imagine so. Iyan ba talaga ang iyong testimonya, ganito kalaking halaga ay hindi alam ng pangulo na irelease? Ikaw lang at dbm ang nag release ng 728m. ano ang masasabi mo?
Bolante: the 728m funding was not a unique funding solely for 2004. It is an old funding activity of the da present in all banner programs of da. What are these, rice and corn, high value crops, livestock and fisheries. If you examine the operational performance reports of the da annually, almost always there are farm inputs and farm implements components. Post harvest facilities, shredders, fertilizers, seedlings…aahh…ahhh…farm implements like plows…other things. It’s a wide-ranging, actually…aah..project activity of the da. It’s an old activity and up to now it continues. If you check the expenditures of da you will always find component because it is necessary. Fingerlings is a farm input…aaahhh…item. It is something that did not require the approval of pres arroyo. As you said it came from 2003 project, which shows it was something we did not work on on feb 3 only. Then sec Lorenzo..aaahh…made official request to dbm on sep 4 2003 for farm input of da bec we needed it then. The dbm was able to to act on our request only on feb 2004 but we had been working with dbm on sept 4. That is on record.


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