bolante ends speech

End of bolante speech, questioning begins.
even before whole legislative inquiry terminated, committees released report in dec 2005…as mastermind…this direct accusation landed on almost all papers of general circulation. A bounty was offered for my arrest. Bec of the interim report I was disinclined to testify in said inquiry as the senate committees had already made a prejudgment and proceedings evolved into prosecutorial inquiry. I was constrained to question…jan 2006…filed petition for issuance of tro before the sc. While abroad, when I re-entered the us, the immigration authorities detained me upon arrived due to cancellation of my us visa. I question the legality of cancellation of visa and filed petition for asylum for my safety. Senate accused me of violating antigraft law, of being brains of fertilizer scam…my lawyers have advised me that in eyes of senate I stand as accused and not witness…may be covered by rule on self-incrimination. Despite this I have chosen to speak…with full confidence that senate will conduct inquiry in aid of legislation and observance of my constitutional rights.


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