bolante hearings resume after lunch

The senate hearings on the fertilizer scam, with bolante on the hot seat, resumed after lunch. i stopped taking notes when the s***t began to disgust me. biazon is asking the questions now.

Biazon: was there a bounty:
Bolante: it was all over the papers. I have seen this in the internet. And my relatives in the phils called me about it.
Biazon: do you have direct knowledge?
Bolante: the newspapers reported this, so I respect the integrity of these newspapers…I declared this at the board of immigration court of hearing…from my point of view, based on my best personal knowledge..
Biazon: which puts everybody in this country under suspicion.
Bolante: I did not mean to accuse everyone, I was just stating a fact…
Biazon: is that a fact?
Bolante: that was my honest personal belief…if you would classify as direct knowledge reading it on internet and hearing it from my relatives…sen magsaysay publicly announced the existence of the bounty…for anyone who could arrest me. That’s why I was afraid…any tom dick or harry could grab me for the amount offered. There was a bounty for me to be produced dead or alive.
Biazon: if the senate issued the warrant of arrest, was it the senate that offered…you stated you were seeking asylum because of threat to your life, direction of threat, from whom it is coming…
Bolante: have pity on my family and myself, it might not be real to some people…
Biazon: this is why I read sec 19 of rules of the senate…if it will incriminate you…if it has something to do with national security…if it has something to do with diplomatic questions….with public interest which is being jeopardized. This representation does not see any of the four. But you have to answer the question. From where is the security to your life coming from.
Bolante: I am not a lawyer, would like to appeal to sense of understanding. In an executive session…I am afraid…
Biazon: the question of threat, you can answer in executive session. Here we need to define from where the threat is coming. Here you are practically accusing the whole Filipino nation…we have to determine nature of threat…
Biazon: did you ask for security?
Bolante: …for pnp…to ensure my safety upon my arrival…my son told me they made a request if I could be secured.
Biazon: was security provided?
Bolante: yes…
Biazon: they were there to arrest you…
Bolante: they were there 24 hours round the clock.
Biazon: remember the incident of lozada, when he was whisked away…afraid of that?
Bolante: no knowledge of what happened to lozada..
Biazon: your timeline indicates…from august 17 2003 when lacson delivered his incredible hulk speech which names bolante as one of fg mike arroyo’s what are we in power for people. This is I think the trigger that caused the subsequent events. Here you were issued four subpoenas, evasive that subpoenas could not be served. It seems you put more importance to your non official functions, membership in a social org than appearing before an official function of the senate, a govt institution. You being at that time still an undersecretary. You were an official of this country, there was an official function you were required to attend yet you put more importance to your commitments in social circles.
Bolante: would like to clarify that when the senate hearings started I was no longer connected with da, resigned effective aug1 2004. I would like to assure I could not have anticipated scheduled hearings because I was only given a few days’ notice…


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