bolante, part 2

trying to blog about the hearing, as it happens. still cayetano speaking.
difficult to start hearing with committee report and now we have the person labeled as architect of scam. But we have to consider witness innocent until proven guilty…we will respect your rights but not hold back in asking searching questions (bolante nods). It is not our duty here to prove you guilty, but to find truth and make recommendations. There should be no fear in exposing what has happened no matter if it destroys people’s reputations…we should be careful not to destroy reputation of the innocent. After opening statements we will recognize zubiri for a privilege motion. We will following tradition of giving five minutes each, roxas and Estrada…senate doctor informed me that mr bolante fit to testify except that he is suffering from chronic ulcers therefore doctor advised we could allow him to take periodic snacks and break at 12 to allow him to take his lunch. Mar, jinggoy, escudero, zubiri…Pimentel, Santiago, cayetano, Gordon…I will ask questions last. I only have one question: if you can come here with all honesty and tell us there are no anomalies in fertilizer fund…if cannot answer that, appreciate giving details in how this was put together. Zubiri recognized, but biazon asks if doctor is present…then asks senate doctor to be present if there is no personal doctor present. Bolante said his doctor is coordinating with the senate doctor.


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