bolante speaks

On dec 12 2005 senate issued warrant of arrest for failure to appear in senate hearings…records will show I was not served copy of senate invite for oct 6 2005 hearing, minutes shall attest to this fact. Nov 17 and nov 24 2005 I was served the subpoenas through counsel with only a few days’ notice while I was out of the country. Both instances counsel informed senate of inability to attend…notice served one day before hearing and I was out of country. Impossible for me to be present on that hearing…dec 7 2005 received subpoena commanding me to appear and testify on dec 12. Because I was already scheduled to leave on dec11 to attend to urgent prior commitments which could not be cancelled with only a few days notice…sent notice…requesting I be excused from attending same..manifested even if present I would not be prepared because long away from da and may not be able to accurately…facts without consulting records…yet to secure those records…


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