bolante takes oath (finally!)

lacson asks if there are documents that would contradict the document including cayetano on list of those who benefited from fertilizer fund.
cayetano says until now they don’t know where it came from because no dept said they submitted list. asked during budget hearing if they had been alloted any of the funds and the dept has told us there is no record and dept has not released. not request, receive, assent…no saro, no official document that contains, except that piece of paper, in an annex submitted by chavez to ombudsman. all of evidence received by this committee will be adopted…if anyone can come forward and say there are records, if district has received and if there is any question to integrity i will turn over to vice chair. but if we turn over only because there is a document that has come forward…if there is anything official that comes out later this representation is open. there are many congressman who are innocent are upset because their names are being dragged in…again that is why i am asking coa, dbm and da to submit the documents.
lacson: not an objection but would like to put in record appears to be official record, having been marked annex f. for the committee’s appreciation…
cayetano: annex because submitted to ombudsman. the saro had that annex. but there hasn’t been any testimony so far where..if a report comes out and says taguig pateros received this in 2004, i will act accordingly….
ay, finally bolante takes oath!


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