bolante will be allowed to go home

At the end of the hearing, Bolante will be allowed to leave the Senate, though still under Senate custody. He will be assigned guards who will go with him wherever he goes, but he may choose where to go, as long as he does not leave the country. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano brought this up during the hearing and Bolante agreed.

Alan: we maintain that your status is still under custody of senate, protective custody.
Bolante: appreciate do not have to consult with lawyer, agree and fully commit to come back anytime you would like to..with my health permitting…
Pimentel: before you came, you sent a faxed message to the senate stating in effect you were cooperating with senate. Want to know for the record whether you indeed sent faxed message
Bolante: yes I voluntarily sent it. With my counsel.
Alan: if you agree to attend…are we saying there is meeting of minds between citizen bolante and the senate that you will be attending. Habeas corpus simply means you will be brought to court.
Bolante: I could go to house hearing on same issue on Tuesday…I can move with guards that you have sent…so I can…if I can be allowed…is it my understanding that under the custody..
Alan: still in our custody…asking house to ask for permission because they can hold you in contempt there and if they do that we cannot get you back. Asking them to communicate with us so that we have undertaking that we can…that’s not your problem in the sense that you are under our custody…
Bolante: with your permission…
Alan: if they communicate with us…communicate back and ask chairman and speaker of will return him to us, there will be no problem. We have to make sure…there is always the possibility you will be overtired..hindi po kami maramot, we will share you with house, eventually.
Bolante: second point…under the watch of the reps of the sergeant of arms of senate…allowed to go to da so I could take look at records…
Alan: for as long as they know where you are they will not impede into your privacy. Think of them as a jealous wife…
Bolante: that’s dangerous.
Pimentel: you can go to karaoke where you can sing more freely than you are singing now.


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