I BET – bolante will not go back to senate

lacson grills bolante. dami nang inconsistencies.
Lacson: sabi ninyo you had commitments abroad being a district governor.
Bolante: various commitments not just rtary.
Bolante: I said vehicles with red plates, I did not say government people. I do not know…(maritess aytona) as far as I could remember.
Lacson: move that we issue invitation to maritess aytona…she owns the company facian phils incorporated. Naka-corner ng lahat ng supplies ng liquid fertilizer. Siya lang yata talaga ang supplier sa buong pilipinas. Association of fertilizer suppliers…95% of all fertilizers in the whole country. 1.5m tons per year. They had 17 members. Not one was tapped to supply the fertilizer. Sabi mo hindi mo kilala si maritess aytona. E nag-uusap kayo e.
Bolante: I was informed by mr montes that the coa did not say that only maritess aytona supplied the fertilizers. I guess the name came out in the sample audit of coa.
Lacson: who were the other suppliers?
Bolante: I don’t know.
Lacson: when it is convenient for you, you say you don’t know. Very minute details of a transaction in bukidnon, naalala ninyo pa. that’s why I’m telling you you’ve very evasive the whole day.
Bolante: I just picked up what I said about zubiri’s statement from what he said. It was very categorical. Sa coa report, just got the information when I was talking with mr montes…that coa was based on sample audit..
Lacson: I have here receipts. Sa fezan talaga nanggagaling ang supply kuno ng fertilizers through ngo foundations but these are laundering machines. Cash ang usapan nila, walang fertilizer…who gave regional directors authority to implement the farm inputs?
Bolante: they were not the implementors of the project. The regional directors were tasked to coordinate with project proponents and implementors…I would like to believe all our regional directors did their job.
Lacson: who authorized them to coordinate with implementors?
Bolante: I authorized them to sign moa but inherent responsibility to implement projects like this.
Lacson: since you authorized, you have supervision over them because you gave them authority. You want to correct again your original statement?
Bolante: operationally they were not reporting to me, they reported to usec for operations…
Lacson: they were not reporting to you but you were the one in charge of funds…you authorized them to enter into moa with different ngos?
Bolante: project implementors…
Lacson: who were project implementors?
Bolante: lgus…
Lacson: no…(reads memo of bolante). Regions 3, 6 asked to be invited. For the record: 3 may 2004. Memo2 da regional field unit6…authority to enter into moa with concerned foundation, ngo…ano’ng lgu ang sinasabi ninyo? Under the da’s fund implement PROGRAM, hindi fund. And you signed, would you like to see it? In order to expedite implementation of da farm inputs/implements program..authorized to enter into moa with ngo…and sign and effect payment to said ngo/foundation subject to availability of funds and existing auditing rules and regulation…(this time bolante looks shaken)…your authority to coordinate with ngos. You said lgus.
Bolante: both ngos and lgus.
Lacson: ngayon both na?
Bolante: yes, both. That could be a specific answer to a request if they can enter into agreement with ngos, but can only be done in coordination with project proponent.
Lacson: hwag kayo palusot hindi kayo lulusot. Matagal akong imbestigator! Almost nine hours na tayo, kami palipat-lipat pa, mas mahina pa kami sa inyo…
Bolante: my supply of medicine has run out.
Lacson: so what’s the final answer? Ngos, lgus, foundations.
Bolante: authority to enter into agreement with ngos…lgus…
Lacson: show me another memo issued by you stating that kasama lgus and I will believe you.
Bolante: this is in reply to specific request if they could sign a contract with an ngo…for a specific concern…
Pimentel: then you would have records to show there was such a specific request. Anybody can say that, but as against a written document that sen lacson presented…now you say it was worded that manner in response to specific request. You are now telling us there was such a request.
Bolante: it could be I have to look at file of da.
Pimentel: could be or was are two different things. We want you to be a little more careful in the way you are answering.


2 Responses

  1. halatang may tinatago talaga si bolante. tsk

  2. kaya nga, abangan ang susunod na kabanata! but he may do as neri did, who said he would return but never did. kasi next time, mas nakahanda na ang mga senador sa kanya. or so we hope.

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