roxas reads summary of report

roxas recognized. pursuant to your request, prepared five slide situation to situate us. 2.5 years since last senate hearing regarding this matter…where we’ve been and where we are…investigated over 4 months. 40 witnesses, 3,000 pages of documentation, 41 page committee report. plus annexes and this committee report approved unanimously by sen on mar 1 2006. refers to fertilizer fund 728m pesos, lump sum appropriation in da budget for gma program, ginintuang masaganing ani program. pinasa ito 2003 for 2004. disbursed feb 3 2004 by dbm. 728m was distributed to 105 congressmen, 53 govs, 23 mayors and some left over at da. according to committee report, this is a scam. walang public bidding. fertilizers purchased through nego even if they were readily available and did not require special purchases. 128m of 728 overpriced. p150 per liter but liquidation at p1,500 per liter. maling fertilizer ito. itong fertilizer na ito ay para sa foliage, ferns and ornamental plants, not for palay or mais which is main hangarin ng gma program. released on feb 2004 na panahon ng anihan, hindi panahon ng planting season. released during the harvest season and not during planting season. ghost deliveries, according to committee report and testimonies, hindi nakarating sa kanila ang fertilizer. nagkaroon…
bolante speaks: i would like to apologize for whatever inconvenience my non appearance has caused. it was not out of disrespect nor was it because i had something to hide. i would like to take this opportunity to thank villar, cayetano, angara and the rest of the honorable members of senate for their humanitarian attitude in enforcing warrant of arrest. had no intention of snubbing senate hearings and made known to senate reason for non appearance…


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