senate starts hearing with bolante in attendance

The Philippine senate starts its hearing on the agriculture scam. Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano begins by reading from parts of the findings of senate committees on food and blue ribbon.
“the lord is close to all who call on him…” yes but in truth. Many have dubbed this day as the moment of truth…it could be a moment of truth or shame which might last a lifetime…choice for mr bolante…who knows money or power will not buy him peace…
As a summary…part of the 10 findings of committee on food and blue ribbon committee…the fertilizer fund…is premeditated, systematic and grand agri theft…scam is rape of nation. Purely adapted to suit electoral purpose. Novel in methods astounding in shamelessness. Object lesson in abuse of power and misuse of people’s money by some officials in dept agri and local leaders.
10 reasons: as confirmed by sec panganiban during budget hearing, nobody in da knew of existence of farm input and implements program. No docus in da support existence of program.
Fund single appropriation meant only for 2004…why only in 2004 and month of election season is implication…gross overpricing as reported by coa is absolutely abominable. Foliar fertilizer overpriced from almost 700 to 1,000%. Released feb-may harvest season when of no use.


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