The Devil and Philippine politics

The Devil must be involved in Philippine politics, a lawyer I respected said recently.
Consider, she said, the fact that whenever there are national crises or controversies, some natural disaster happens to distract the public.
It rains whenever there are rallies, someone butted in. I remember how we joked about the fact that some opposition figures — those who could have given the current administration a run for its money — Fernando Poe Jr. and Raul Roco — DIED untimely deaths.
Cory had to stop joining the rallies supporting Jun Lozada and calling for truth and government accountability because she had cancer. Maybe the fact that she’s alive has to do with Cory’s unshakeable faith in God. Then also, there was enough time to rally prayer brigades for Cory. Maybe that got Satan spooked.
But why should the Devil bother with this Third World, underdeveloped country of only 89 million people? Even if we say that someone sold a soul to Satan, why should he work so hard conjuring up natural disasters and striking people dead with some incurable disease? It must be such hard work in exchange for just one soul. Except that it’s not just one soul we’re talking about.
Many of our problems have to do with morality — and with the culture of impunity that has allowed erring officials and officers to get away with brazen lies and outright crimes. When a crime goes unpunished, it sends the message that one can get away with crime.
The killings of activists, for example, were at first limited to Leftist groups. The motorcycle-riding criminals targeted only those considered enemies of the State. Now even snatchers use motorcycles. One crime has led not just to another, but to more crimes. That definitely delights Satan.
Also, the crises sometimes lead people to commit crimes. Poverty, for example, could sometimes lead to crime — such as the father who, unable to care for his son, killed the three-month-old boy in a fit of anger. Or it could make other people more vulnerable to crime, such as the three-year-old girl whose family slept on the street: she was raped and left for dead by a fellow street dweller.
The culture of impunity, coupled with poverty, outright corruption and the bad examples set by those the people should look up to, is a hell on earth that makes it easier for Satan to corrupt people.
Maybe the deal was: I’ll give you my soul if you give me what I want. And I’ll make it easier for you to talk to the others.


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  1. Definitely! Politics in the country have gone really bad… the superlatives of it i may say… hahaaaayyy… God be with us! 🙂

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