What did JDV say at the impeachment hearing?

Notes on the Nov 24, 08 hearing of the House committee on justice. I didn’t take down everything, just what i thought were the interesting portions of JDV’s speech during that hearing.
Nov 24 ’08 notes, from the impeachment hearings:

Zamora: Every speaker from our side will be an endorser of the complaint. To make sure they are intimately familiar with the charges…jdv from pangasinan..bribery, payola in malacanang, speaker maza…culpable violation of consti, violation of public trust, high crimes…hr violations…4 – betrayal of public trust, culpable violation of consti, diwalwal…luz ilagan..

We are at the point of determining whether the complaint is sufficient in substance. Not to determine guilt of respondent. We are here to make recital of facts, not here to pronounce her innocent or guilty. Concern is merely to lay dow the erasons why we have filed a complaint in impeachment. Which is why I will have to take issue with some of the thigs he mentioned in opening statemenet re impeachment proceedings…worried about assertion impeachment is the most dangerous political instrument that disrupts dislocates or destroys govt. afraid conclusion like that will lead to bias against complaint..not to disrupt, dislocate, destroy but to hold certain officials to the standards of public accountability that were set forth in the constitution beyond that it is not really our province to determine, it is for the senate to reach these conclusions. Sufficiency in substance should not be misinterpreted to mean already more than what it says in the const, which is just a recital of facts constituting the…

De venecia

When the complaint to impeach pres arroyo was filed last month, my initial impulse was not to endorse it for delicadeza, bcause one of the principal complainants was my son…invested with a sense of purpose that commands a higher sense of duty to our country and people…for me not to endorse such grave allegations and so prevent them from being heard would in itself constitute a crime against the fil people. As a matter of personal conscience of public duty to our people and in consideration of highest national interest I have endorsed complaint without any reservation….can best serve ends of justice if congress resolves solely on merits and with highest national interest in mind. Last year for refusing to endorse a sham and bogus president against the pres…I was removed as speaker of house of rep and as pres of lakas-cmd party…a party which I co-founded.
Leaders of the European union…it’s very clear. If I had disagreed with my son, said no to my son, still be speaker today, president of party. For having listened to my conscience, and I told my son you must follow your own conscience as I must follow mine…

It was a bogus impeachment complaint…two pages against me and one page against the president…congressman beltran alleged he was offered one million to endorse and other congressmen were offered…as speaker I had it investigated by committee on justice and on the last day of congress, before we went into recess, October 11, was the deadline for the transmittal of the impeachment complaint to the committee on justice. More than 180 congressmen according to the newspapers went to malacanang for breakfast. I was one of those. During that meeting many were given 500,000 bags, cash. I am not saying all of the congressmen, a good number of the congressmen, many are not guilty but many received 500,000 bags from pres arroyo and I was not there bec I knew what was going to happen I was invited by pres again to go to malacanang at 11 in the morning to go to the music room and pres arroyo herself asked me, pls transmit the impeachment complaint to the committee on justice. I said I cannot it’s a bogus impeachment complaint, composed of three pages. Now it’s about 100 pages plus 400 pages of annexes. That one was a case of three pages. And because of my refusal the same attorney pulido filed a case against me in the ethics committee and in the ombudsman. I want to tell you now…I told pres of phils I will not endorse this impeachment complaint, I answered three or four times. I almost stood up to walk out on the pres until somebody suggested that perhaps I might go on leave as speaker of the house. So that the next ranking deputy speaker would in turn transmit the impeachment complaint. Fine, but I will not transmit this impeachment complaint. ..my fate is sealed and doomed…sitting as speaker only for a few more days or few more weeks. President arroyo by spending hundreds, several…including the gifts to the governors…and the members of the house of reps as admitted no less by congressman benny abante, from cebu, tony cuenco, and confirmed by congresswoman girlie villarosa…that the 500,000 gifts were given. And then I told myself, my god, the pres is spending a fortune just to …legal protection for one year. This bribe money given to congressmen and governors was her way of purchasing legal protection for one year bec of the sc decision that only one case can be filed per one year. So the more serious impeachment complaint that was being prepared did not come to pass. When I arrived in my office upstairs there was a bag containing p500,000 delivered in the speaker’s office and I am keeping this money up to now, unopened. Planning to give to cbcp or if committee on justice wants it…as if we members of the hosue are commodities for sale. I appeal to you, let us please our conscience if we want to cleanse this govt this country and this congress. Everybody, everything is for sale in our country, what’s happening in our country? Many of the citizenry are for sale, their votes are for sale? Now is the time here in this committee for justice to start now, cleansing ourselves and cleansing our nation. After this…bert Gonzales and diosdado macapagal jr helped me write this letter when we went to Vietnam bec they agreed time has come for pres to reform phil society…if you need me tomorrow today this afternoon I will stay here. I have scheduled book launchings of this book in Washington dc, new york city, chicage, las vegas, scheduled by publishers. I would have to be there but as I said, if absolute necessary I have to be here, I will be here. I appeal to you, please give this impeachment complaint a chance. We are not asking that we judge pres arroyo guilty, just an opportunity to listen to the preliminary testimony of witnesses so that we can transmit this to the pers, so the pres can respond and tell us her position. I beg you please let us use our conscience…and the opportunity to do something for our country and our people, for the house of reps whose image needs a final reckoning..based on truth and based on justice.

Maza: domogan and macias, admitted. Atienza said normal to give out money. League of provinces of phils – oct – said money came from them, 3 weeks after panlilio revealed receiving money, villarosa said the money came from the assistance fund of kampi. Dilg knew, villarosa said.


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