Thai ambassador slams deputy presidential spokesman Golez

The Thai ambassador to the Philippines Wednesday slammed deputy presidential spokesman Anthony Golez for criticizing the Thais for “lack of political maturity.” He was not asking for an apology, said Ambassador Kulkumut Singhara Na Ayudhaya, but he hoped Golez would do something to make amends if he had no intention to criticize. He would not file a diplomatic protest with the foreign affairs department, he said, but he would write a letter expressing his concern.
Golez, in turn, blamed the media. “I did not commit the mistake. It was the writer,” he said.
Ambassador kulkumut singhara na ayudhaya statement:

On behalf of the royal thai government, I would like to express my great concern over the statements made by deputy presidential spokesman Anthony golez and senator Richard Gordon stating that

– thai people “lack of political maturity” and brought chaos in the country for the past few days.

– Filipinos “have reached a high degree of political maturity whereby our people respect due process and the rule of law”.

– “the political turmoil in Thailand could not possible happen here.”

The said statements are not based on facts and may have some implication of hidden agendas. In fact, the protest is only indication that thai people are free to exercise their political right based on democracy. In the midst of the protests, the royal thai government has committed itself to upholding the democratic system and will resolve the current situation in accordance with the democratic means.

I would also like to reiterate the importance of the basic principle of asean which appears in the asean charter that the member countries will not interfere each other’s internal affairs. I would like to note that as an asean member country, Thailand pledges to strengthen cooperation among member countries. We should always realize that in asean, we are one family.

Following the temporary closure of suvarnabhumI and don muang international airports, the royal thai government has provided all the necessary assistances such as expenses for food and accommodation of all stranded passengers as well as transportation to move them to use u thapao airport for traveling back to their countries.

I believe that the statements made by mr golez and senator Gordon does not positively contribute to our good and long lasting relations between our two countries and peoples.

Golez statement:
I did not commit the mistake. It was the writer. We have that on tape. But of course, it would always be a pleasure to talk to the ambassador to explain the context of my statement.
Earlier statement on same issue:
For the record, I did not say the Thais lack the political maturity. I said in my interview that the Filipinos have reached a high level of political maturity. Thanks.

The Nov. 26 statement on why the Thai scenario was unlikely:
Because our people have reached a high degree of political maturity whereby our people respects due process and the rule of law.

notes on presscon of the Thai ambassador:

Refer to statement of golez, all criticize situation in thai. I would like to quote…llack political maturity and brought chaos in country. The second point…that the person criticized thai by using fil citizen…fils…degree of pol maturity…

The first point…not based on fct at all and may have according ot my belief…hidden agenda. Why they have to criticize like that. Would like to inform that protest in thai is only indication that we are free to exercise our…based on democracy…act according to democratic system and resolve situation…democratic point important and like to reiterate in assean we have best in principle of asean that all member countries do not interfere in each others’ internal affairs. As asean thai pledged to strengthen copretation among member countries. We should realize in asean we are the same family, phil and thail…would like to inform all of you that following temporary closure of…airport…thai gov’t provided all necessary assistance to every stranded passenger in Thailand by providing food and accomodation including transpor to move passenger to use other airport…100km…we try to do the best that we can. And I would like to inform you that I believe the statement made by two person that I mention earlier does not positively contribute to good and long lasting relation between our 2 countries and people. This one…the reason that I meet all of you today because through you you can represent the feeling of the new ambasador who come to the new country…to make other country get closer and try to make our two country for prosperity and good relation of all. This is my dream and I’m going to do very consistently so that whatever happen…hope you can be the good mean tomake the Filipino understand the thai people, thai gov’t in the correct way I will be very appreciate. This forum I try…this is the main thing that I love to inform you if you would like to ask some more question concerning correct situation in thai I would like to answer you. The situation…just beginning. Yesterday the court declared the dissolution of the gov’t party…that’s why the second process, it will begin on the 8th of this the prime minister. I follow the information from the thai TV yesterday night. I don’t have clear picture who will be next pm of Thailand. But thai reacting to select thai prime minister…to democratic system at all.

(file complaint with dfa) in fact I do…but that you understand the two person that I mentioned earlier, they gave interview and to international press and it’s all over the world. If I will complain to dfa…because I work here…you have to understand, right now the news it’s very fast that’s why I need something to …my reaction immediately as well. Send all details to dfa. By today. I will explain my concern like I’m explaining to you now. When you are ambassador, when we come, we come to establish good relation.

I cannot force them. It should be their voluntary because some people, they can commit mistake very easily, maybe by chance, maybe they are interviewed, lively by press men and thye don’t know how to answer questiono. But concerning aseean…we are in the same country, we should know. We cannot interfere in our internal affairs at all.

Don’t try to compare your society and our society. Not necessary. We are asean…we should work together. If you have good advice Thailand really will appreciate.

(hidden agenda) not so quite sure. That is why may have some implication…thing that two person criticize…they speak like that because they would…like to warn the people I guess…

(affect rp-thai relationship) if they…thai people read news everyday, and they say, they are immature, if the other country criticize fils like this, how do you feel? It’s the same…we are going to celebrate 60th anniversary of our diplomatic relations next year…thai people admire fils long long time…many thai sent here to study…place of knowledge for thai people for long long time. Because phils is the first country in southeast asia that thai establish diplomatic relations. That’s why have the good intention…big dream whatever I can make two people get closer, support for prosperity of two country…make good understanding of two country…whatever can make people misunderstand…maybe through you you can help…

(asean) likely to postpone until march. Because yesterday…the past gov’t…held a cabinet meeting before the court declared dissolution of gov’t party. The result of meeting…to postpone the asean meeting to march…(in Bangkok) not sure. It depends. The past gov’t try to organize in chiang mai. Spring this period.

(Indonesia) I have not heard this comment but in fact thai has great potential whatever international meeting thai is one of first in asia.. Thai organized the first asia eu meeting and we organized apec…don’t want to say, but we have very good infrastracture, good international convention center…and we organize in many places…all countries, admire thai hospitality…the best thing that thai can offer to visitor we do immediately. Concern…hope this will not effect our good relations.

(best remedy) in fact it depends n the two gentlemen. If they realize what they have done they have to beware…I am not in position to advise what they should do…at 8 am the iata…they are going to check facilities of …and dong muan…the protesters they did not do anything…the airport will be open as 5th of dec…the protesters, they never destroy anything…


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