Scenes from a rally (12-12-08)

Judging from the size of the crowd that demonstrated against Charter Change on December 12, 2008, cha-cha will push through, if not this year, then next year.
But that would be again reducing it to a numbers game. Changes require numbers of course, but the seeds of change are sown long before the multitude shows up, clamoring for change. Everyone of the estimated 7,000 or so people who went to the rally last Friday had his or her own reasons for going. Some stories are considered more important than others, and many of those who went will never have the chance to be listened to, to tell their stories to others. I know it is romantic to think this, but still I hope: that one day all of their stories, all of their hopes and dreams, will merge into one great story that will sweep everything in its wake, and bring about the transformation that we all claim to believe in.


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