More lantern parade pictures

Jellyfish lanters from UP Visayas

Jellyfish lanterns from UP Visayas

UP Mindanao's lantern for the centennial parade

UP Mindanao's lantern for the centennial parade



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  1. Hello:
    I am Yi-Cheng Lee, a reporter of The University News in Taiwan. I want to do a report about Philippines Lantern Festival. Could you reply my questions to help me? Thank you very much. There are my questions: Are you a student of UP? What’s your name? Have you ever take a part in Philippines Lantern Parade? How do you feel? Could you please share your experience about attending Philippines Lantern Parade? If you have the pictures, could you send it to me? I need original file, thank you. Thank you for your opinion, thank you very much. If you have any questions, you can send me e-mails or chat with me on messenger: My e-mail:


    Yi-Cheng Lee
    The University News, Taiwan

    • I went to UP when I was fifteen. I don’t remember my first lantern parade very much, but I remember the giddy feeling and the party atmosphere that pervaded — and still does — the whole university on that day. The lantern parade is the last day of school, the day for Christmas parties, for gift-giving, and saying temporary goodbyes. It’s also the first day of Christmas vacation, because there are no classes on that day. I left UP for a while, but I couldn’t stay away for long from a university I love. Watching the lantern parade is now a yearly tradition for my family, as I’m sure it is for many UP students and alumni.

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