Rumblings in UP

Got this through the UP Law egroups: Only law students are now allowed to loiter within the UP Law Complex. What was not mentioned in the memo are the reports of a frat “rumble,” which is probably one of the security concerns.
Last week our teacher asked: “Is there a rumble? Why are all the fraternity men absent?”(Actually there were two frat men present that time).
On Saturday I went to class and saw two UP policemen and a security guard waiting outside the door of the classroom beside ours. I later heard they were there as escorts to one of the students, who had apparently been threatened that he would be beaten up.

Loitering within the UP Law Complex


To: All Students, Security Guards, All Concerned
Re: Loitering within the UP Law Complex
Date: January 23, 2009

It has been observed and reported that students from other colleges and/or
strangers have been loitering within the UP Law Complex (Malcolm Hall,
Bocobo Hall, Espiritu Hall, parking lot, etc.), whether by foot or in
vehicles or otherwise, raising safety and security concerns for students,
personnel and guests of the Complex. Accordingly, this is to reiterate that
loitering within the Complex by students and persons not connected therewith
is not allowed. Pursuant hereto, security guards are directed to request
inspection of the IDs of those suspected of loitering in order to fully
implement this policy.

For strict compliance.

College Secretary




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