The Asus 1000H

My Asus 1000H

My Asus 1000H

I’ve had the chance to road-test the Asus 1000H, and compare it with the old EEE PC. How does the 1000H compare with the 4G EEE PC, and with other computers?
Three years ago I bought a Toshiba Portege that weighs a little less than the 1000H (1.2kg, I believe; the Asus 1000H weighs 1.5kg) with a smaller hard disk and less RAM, but with a DVD writer. That took me a year to pay. The Asus 1000H, in Greenhills, was worth P21,500 as of November 2008.
I basically use laptops for writing. In that sense, both the 1000H and the old Toshiba Portege were almost the same — except that the Asus had a nice touchpad that allowed me to double tap instead of double clicking on the bottom. That was nice, but the right and left buttons were harder to click on compared to the Portege. The 1000H had a bigger keyboard which made it easier to type on compared to the EEE PC, though.
The 1000H however has an irritating feature — when I’m typing, the cursor goes crazy and ends up where the mouse is pointed. Let’s say I’m at the top of the page. The mouse, or the cursor, is somewhere down the computer screen. I don’t know what happens, but all of a sudden I find myself typing at the bottom of the page. Not good when you’re a touch typist, and you’re taking notes while people are talking. Not good at all.
Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a CD reader – which makes it harder for me to load programs on the computer. There’s no Microsoft Word installed, so I’m stuck with the .wps program that came with it, which insists on saving everything as .wps. Whenever the “do you want to save” popup pops up, I miss the Linux on the small EEE PC.
That one was great — the Linux automatically saves the documents as word, and I didn’t even notice that I wasn’t using Windows. My boy loved the pre-installed games, and I loved the fact that it was light and easy to use. Except that battery life was two hours or less.
The Asus 1000H has at least five hours of battery life. But when I want to do some serious writing, I take another computer. Actually, if I can only get five hours of battery life on the EEE PC, I’d go for the EEE PC anytime.


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