How’s your memory?

For those who are getting old like me, a short quiz to test your memory. Here’s the link.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a partnership between the one who climbs, and the belayer, the one who helps bring the climber down.
This summer, why not try rock climbing? You burn 500 calories a minute scaling up a wall, according to PowerUp gym in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. I find this believable: someone I know who got addicted to rock climbing shortly after giving birth quickly lost the pounds she gained during pregnancy. There’s an incentive to exercise when you’re into rock climbing, because you’re trying to build strength to conquer those walls. You get to know your body more as you try to get to the top, and you conquer your fear of falling — and failing. Continue reading

Earth Hour: Philcoa, Quezon City, Philippines

Jollibee Philcoa, QC. The lights are on, but the signage is off.
“Earth Hour is like any other hour. The lights are on,” my son said as we travelled from Tandang Sora, Quezon City, to Philcoa, Quezon City. The lights at the restaurants at the Ayala TechnoHub were on, and so were the floodlights at the gates of the compound. In Philcoa, both Jollibee and McDonalds had lights inside, but the signages were both off. Continue reading

Asean human rights body to be launched in October

Former ambassador Rosario Manalo, member of high level panel drafting the terms of reference for the Asean human rights body, says Asean's policy of non-intervention remains.
The high level panel drafting the terms of reference for the Asean human rights body has finished the principles to be observed, the purpose of the body as well as its mandate, but has yet to give the human rights body a name, says former Ambassador Rosario Manalo, Philippine representative to panel. Continue reading

ESCAP 2009: Triple crises in the region

Dennis Arroyo, NEDA director for national planning and policy, presents the Philippine perspective
The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific has come out with the 2009 Escap survey, which warned governments that three, not just one, crises threaten the region.
“While most governments are focused on dealing with the worst economic crisis in many decades, two other longer term crises should not be forgotten. Food-fuel price volatility and climate change are converging with the present economic crisis to create what is now being referred to as the triple threat. With almost two thirds of the world’s poor and half of its natural disasters, Asia and the Pacific is at the epicentre of the triple crises,” Escap said in a press statement. (Click here for the report).
Former National Treasurer Leonor Briones however points out that is now also the time for people to make sure that the money spent on stimulus programs do go to the people who need them most. Briones pointed out that just because money has been allocated does not always mean it is released.
In the 2008 budget, Briones said P100 million was alloted for public hospitals, for disinfection measures. It has not been released until now, she said, as well as the P400 million alloted for tuberculosis programs. Continue reading

A combat photographer

They couldn't arrest Saddam, so they took his picture. AFP photographer Romy Gacad explains the humor behind his picture in a seminar at St. Benilde's.
AFP photographer Romeo Gacad is a great photographer, but nowadays he’s most known for his pictures on war, mainly shot in wars in the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan. He gave a lecture recently on war photography at the St. Benilde’s Museum on Contemporary Arts, during which he talked not only about his pictures, but also the stories behind them. Here are my notes on the lecture. Continue reading

Latin phrases in statutory construction

He says: “You are the one I love the most among the women in my life, and that includes my mother, my sister and my grandmother.” You ask him, “Is that ejusdem generis or expressio unius?” And he answers, “Ejusdem generis.” Should you slap him or kiss him?
Here’s a short reviewer on some Latin phrases in Legal Method. The phrases are followed by a very short description of cases that illustrate the Latin rule. The definitions are taken from Agpalo’s book on Statutory Construction. Continue reading