A water theme for a birthday party

This summer, why not have a water-themed birthday party? You don’t need a pool, just a few hundred water balloons, which you can buy for P25 per pack (100 per pack) in Divisoria.
With children, remember, it’s not the food that’s important, but the games that they play. I suggest you serve the usual spaghetti, fried chicken and hotdogs, and nothing else. Ask Mamang Sorbetero to drop by your house sometime during the party, and treat everyone to a round of ice cream in cone, instead of buying a whole gallon.
Spend your money on water balloons, water guns, water canons, water bombs. Water guns can be had for as low as P10 per, if you buy at least six water guns. A water bomb (a plastic sling shot with water balloons included) sells at P30 each; water canons I think can be had at about the same price, if you buy at least three. These — and enough water to fill a swimming pool — will keep the children occupied for at least two hours.
You’ll need a patient adult to fill up the water balloons – which are smaller than ordinary balloons, and usually burst upon impact. You have to be careful because if you overfill, you’ll burst the balloon. The children go through these quickly — make sure you have at least a hundred or more water balloons before you start the fight; otherwise you’ll have the kids ganging up on you asking for more balloons.
Which, by the way, are what the water guns and water canons are for. When you get tired of filling up water balloons, give them the guns and tell them to use those instead. At home we gave them the guns and the water balloons at the same time, and the children used the water balloons to distract their opponent, before firing at them with the water guns.
For the past few years we have been celebrating birthdays with a water balloon fight, which is a great team building exercise for the kids and the cousins that they see only once or twice a year.
We tell guests in advance that there will be a water balloon fight, so the children who want to join had better bring an extra set of clothes. The children learn to improve their hand and eye coordination skills without using a computer, and get to fight as well, under adult supervision.
This March I saw water balloons in almost every store where I asked in Divisoria; but in case the stocks have changed, you’d be sure to find one at Anding’s Toy Store. Try these telephone numbers: 241-78-67; 241-66-29; 243-04-29.


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