Greenpeace: Is it a case of theft or corruption in government?

Greenpeace calls for a fair trial of its two members, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki.

Acting on a tip, Greenpeace activists in Tokyo intercepted a box of whale meat from a Japanese-government sponsored whaling program to prove that it is being embezzled. The two activists, Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki, are now awaiting trial in Tokyo.
Greenpeace wants to introduce evidence on the other issues that led to the interception of the whale meat, and raise the defense of freedom of expression.
“The case against Sato and Suzuki reverberates in civil societies around the world and is being watched closely for implications on freedom of expression and the right of citizens to expose vested interests and anomalies in affairs funded by taxpayers’ money. We stand as co-defendants with Junichi and Toru. If exposing corruption is a crime then people around the world who fight corruption should likewise be guilty,” said Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez.
The protest near the Japanese embassy in Manila was part of a worldwide protest in support of the two activists.


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