Earth Hour: Philcoa, Quezon City, Philippines

Jollibee Philcoa, QC. The lights are on, but the signage is off.
“Earth Hour is like any other hour. The lights are on,” my son said as we travelled from Tandang Sora, Quezon City, to Philcoa, Quezon City. The lights at the restaurants at the Ayala TechnoHub were on, and so were the floodlights at the gates of the compound. In Philcoa, both Jollibee and McDonalds had lights inside, but the signages were both off.
Inside UP Teachers’ Village itself, several small restaurants had turned off their lights, and had candles on the tables itself. Several houses were also dark, but not many. And all the streetlights were on, though the QC government was among the participating local government units.
But as I asked my friend as we crossed the footbridge in Tandang Sora: “Would you really want all the lights off as you walk on this road?”
And we all know there is really one answer to that.
Taken in a QC subdivision during Earth Hour


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