Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a partnership between the one who climbs, and the belayer, the one who helps bring the climber down.
This summer, why not try rock climbing? You burn 500 calories a minute scaling up a wall, according to PowerUp gym in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. I find this believable: someone I know who got addicted to rock climbing shortly after giving birth quickly lost the pounds she gained during pregnancy. There’s an incentive to exercise when you’re into rock climbing, because you’re trying to build strength to conquer those walls. You get to know your body more as you try to get to the top, and you conquer your fear of falling — and failing.
A friend who tried it said the climb gave her “a different kind of high.”
My son said he found it frightening at first, and then exhilarating, as he overcame his fear and started trying to get to the top. It’s a good summer sport for children: my son is nine, and he intends to come back until he’s climbed all the walls in PowerUp gym. He’s trying to convince his seven-year-old cousin to join him.
Walk-in climbers pay a whole day fee of P150; those in high school or below pay P120. Climbers are supposed to wear tight-fitting shoes; one can rent them at the gym for P40; and a harness, for P30. The gym is open from 1pm to 9pm. Tel. no. 932-72-73.


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