Jesus Christ Superstar at TAuMBAYAN

Aiza Seguerra, Bituin Escalante, Agot Isidro, Kalila Aguilos
Yesterday, on the eve of Palm Sunday, TAuMBAYAN featured excerpts of “Jesus Christ Superstar” with Agot Isidro as Jesus Christ, Bituin Escalante as Judas, and Aiza Seguerra as Mary Magdalene.
Agot Isidro was pretty, Bituin Escalante was a great Judas, and Aiza Seguerra was, surprisingly, beautiful as Magdalene.
Agot’s voice, though beautiful, was sometimes drowned out by the music. Her Jesus did not have the passion and strength to stand up to Bituin’s Judas, who ruled the show. Aiza’s voice as Magdalene (she played two voices) was convincing, and I must confess I have become a fan.
Bituin Escalante was a powerful Judas
The show was one hour late, but it was worth the wait. I, who usually preferred listening to CDs than to live performances, realized that some of my friends, who liked live bands, must be right, somehow.
Bituin, who sat quietly before the show and during the break, was passionate as Judas. None of them came in costumes — Bituin was in a white dress and high heels — but you don’t even have to close your eyes to be convinced that she is Judas. It was nice to watch Aiza switch from a female voice — Magdalene — to a male one (Caiphas, I think) — during the almost two-hour show.
It was my first night out in a long, long time, and it was a wonderful night.
Aiza Seguerra didn't look feminine (of course not) but her voice as Mary Magdalene was beautiful.


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