Mums, for P80 a dozen (remember to haggle).
The cheapest flowers in Metro Manila are in Dapitan, where the flowers from Baguio and Benguet are unloaded.
Mums sell at P80 a dozen in Dapitan
I haven’t been there for years, finding it too far away from where I lived. When, by accident, I found myself back in Dapitan recently, I asked how much the flowers were and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were just as cheap as they used to be 13 years ago.
These used to be my favorite flowers; I used to dry them and put them in native backpacks hung around the house.
The roses were selling at P40 a dozen; after haggling, I was able to bring down the price to P30 per. Some orange-colored roses, looking a bit frayed but still okay, were selling at P15 a dozen. Prices of the mums ranged from P40 to P80 per dozen.
Bought these at P80 a dozen
The flowers were cheap because they were a day old, and a truck had just arrived bringing fresh supplies. The vendor told me to come back at 2 p.m. if I wanted to buy the flowers that had just arrived.

Getting there:The place is also known as Dangwa, the name of the bus company that goes from Baguio to Manila, and which also brings the flowers. Ask where Dangwa is, in case you get lost.
From Espana: Go down at Gov. Forbes Ave. and take the jeep that goes to Tayuman. You will have to walk a little, since the jeep will not pass by the flower stalls. If you have time, take the jeep up to Rizal Ave., the last stop, and from there take another one going back. The jeep will pass by the flower stalls on its way back to Espana. The fare is P7.

From Rizal Ave: Take the LRT and go down at the Tayuman station. Walk three or four blocks to Tayuman, towards SM Manila, and ask where the jeeps that go to Espana load passengers. Be sure to take the Tayuman-Lardizabal jeep, which passes by the flower stalls on its way to Espana.


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