In Quiapo, the mass is broadcast live for those who cannot fit inside the church.
Crowds have always been a problem in Quiapo. When the church is full, which is always, people stand beside the open doors to hear the mass. Now they can see the priest, too, through this large TV mounted just beside the main church.
This was taken at around lunchtime, when the summer sun was as its hottest.
Quiapo, too, has its share of religious icons, but only the miniature ones. The life-size statues are in Tayuman.
Miniature saints sold on the sidewalks of Quiapo
And of course there are the amulets, which sell from P40 to P280, depending on which one you want.
These amulets are sold beside the church.
And, for those looking for clothes for their saints, particularly the Santo Ninos, these can be found as well beside the church.
Prices range from P70 to P200, wala pang tawad.
And then of course, there are candles. Choose which color you want, for the right prayers to be said on your behalf.
P20 for the black candles.


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