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Rep. Villafuerte defends his resolution; Rep. Hontiveros-Baraquel in pink.
Warning: these are notes. I missed some important parts because i had to take a call and go outside. Don’t know all the congressmen, some are “xxx” until I find out who they are. These are not complete, nor do they cover all the important parts or issues discussed. Some sentences may be wrong. This is done more to give people an idea of what the debates are like at the House of Representatives.
Locsin: resolution intended to insult. These are not amendments, but forbearances. They are unprovoked insults. Consti says congress must call for concon…if it has no specific amendment in mind. Only time it can alter consti is when it has amendment in mind. Ignorant comment…anything to do with constitution is constitutional and not legislative. Making laws are all law making. Law making powers exercised by congress, people in popular initiative…all those are law making. There is no such thing as constituent function…this is an improper resolution…only resolution that passes test is the one by nograles…memorialized insult to the president and to this house…must never be taken up by this house.

Riza: parliamentary inquiry. May I know when this house reso was filed?
Filed today.
Yes I also read the stamp here…now that it is on record…raise point of order. Sec 1, rule 10…sec 41, bills and resolutions…signed by author or authors, filed by sec-gen, assign number to bill or resolution…committee on rules to determine appropriate committee. Date of filing is april 22, today. Committee on rules meets every Tuesday. Violation of sec 41 of rule 10 that this was included in today’s order of business. Must first pass through committee on rules. It would be out for first reading after action by committee on rules next Tuesday. is my understanding…house bill would be struck out of order of business…

CdO: calling upon members of congress…to convene…I’d like to read before this august body the first whereas: there are proposals to amend or revise the constitution…presently enforced, but any of such proposals cannot be considered, heard, debated, approved…unless…

Villafuerte: let the committee hear it…until then we cannot prejudge. if the signatories are true to their signatures…they will abide…and ensure submitted to committee on rules before the plenary…

Riza: in light of manifestation made by camsur…move to strike out…hb 737… from order of business.

Session suspended…

(on the sidelines: very simple. I withdraw my signature, and a hundred will follow me).

Xxx: move that house reso 1109…be referred to committee on rules.

Casino: objects. Earlier locsin eloquently and convincingly proved…this resolution is toilet paper…we should not even touch this resolution. Majority leader said he agreed 99%. What are we doing referring this to the committee when the majority leader agreed 99% that house reso is unconstitutional and we should not waste our time with this resolution? Let us not waste our time. Better to just not refer even on first reading. Object to motion.

Majority leader: referring to the .1%. Whatever is content of house reso 1109…it is entitled to the corresponding and aprpopriate legislative due process and only way…respect we are entitled, fundamentals of legislative due process. Reiterate motion this be referred for appropriate action. If we agree…house reso 1109 can be referred to committee on justice instead.

Move for division of house. House will vote. As many as in favor of motion of majority leader to refer house reso to committee on rules, say aye. The ayes have it.

Villafuerte: may I pursue…rep. baraquel was not referring to reso 1109. Her motion was to strike out reso 737…and I appealed to her, and she was agreeable, that instead of striking out reso 737, we suspend consideration thereof until we can resolve issue of what we need to do with reso 1109. In light of consti principles stated therein…indeed there is clear distinction between exercise of legislative and constituent powers to amend and revise constitution. As to when consti assembly is convened…exercise of constituent power by this house, or congress itself, constitute no longer a legislative exercise of power but exercise of powers authorized by the consti. And unless and until consti assembly is convened, we cannot consider any specific proposal for amendment.

Chair…informs body that baraquel no longer pursued her original motion because after conferring with majority leader and presiding speaker, that was what we understood.

Riza: confirm…second motion of rep from camsur to suspend…deliberation on reso 737.

Xxx: began deliberation of 737…this house was acting on constituent power…said in my sponsorship speech, let us be reminded that this house is navigating on uncharted territory. And that we are…


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