DOH presscon on the new swine flu virus

Health Secretary Duque shows a copy of a health advisory the DOH is giving to arriving travelers.

Philippine health authorities are now on the look out for influenza outbreaks and influenza illness, following the outbreak of a new swine flu virus strain in Mexico.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III told a news conference Monday that thermal screens have been put up in six international airports in the country and incoming air travelers will have to go through thermal screening to detect fever.
Those with fever who come in from Mexico, Canada or the United States will undergo further evaluation to see if they should be brought to government hospitals with facilities capable of receiving patients confirmed or suspected to have been infected with the swine flu virus.
“We are more than ready to manage (a situation where an infected traveler arrives in the Philippines),” said Dr. Remigio Oveda of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), pointing out that Philippine health authorities has learned from its lessons in dealing with SARS and lately, the Ebola Reston virus.
Six humans were found to have been infected with the Ebola Reston virus, also a new strain found for the first time in pigs, but only one of those infected remembered getting sick during the past year. The government culled several thousand pigs in the farm where the virus was last found. The health department said experts have arrived to study the possibility the virus was transmitted to the pigs by fruit bats.
Meanwhile, Duque said they were not about to issue a travel ban to Mexico or any of the affected countries, but advised travelers to reconsider their travel plans to Mexico or the United States.
Since the virus is passed on through droplets, the health department again asked people to cover their mouths or nose when sneezing, and to avoid sharing of food. Meat, however, remains safe to eat for as long as it is thoroughly cooked, Duque said.

Notes on the press conference. The usual caveat applies: this is only for background information.

Today the doh clarifies that there are no reports yet of swine flu among humans in rp in relation to outbreak in mexico…this morning convened emergency meeting to develop recommendations that will make our country better prepared…doh emphasizing h1n1 swine flu virus in mexico entirely novel strain…unusual combination of genetic material from pigs birds and humans…this is the first time that such virus has been isolated with evidence of human to human transmission. No available vaccines yet…following the who alert to all member states that outbreak has escalated into public health emergency the doh stepped up surveillance and bio security measures in intl and local airports to prevent entry of virus which has now killed 81 individuals in mexico and possibly infected unconfirmed number of individuals. Bureau of quarantine precautionary measures…all quarantine stations implements heath surveillance…including thermal scanning…travelers required to fill up health declaration checklist to screen for potential signs and symptoms…health alert notice for flu like…distributed to all arriving travelers especially for us and mexico. Convene another meeting for more heightened and coordinated response…all doh …offices requested to look out for influenza outbreak, flu like illness or typical pneumonia…report such illness. Doh hotline 711 001 and 711 0012. Als primed to ready facilities to receive patients confirmed of suspected to have been infected with novel swine flu virus…lung center, ritm, san lazaro hosp…negative pressure isolation rooms for managing patients infected with highly virulent…gearing up to manage potential entry…sufficient number of …equipment…drugs available to be given to high risk groups…
No travel ban issued to mexico or other affected country. Travelers are asked to reconsider plans to travel to mexico unless extremely necessary. Doh reminds or recommends the following: cover nose or mouth when coughing or sneezing; wash hands afterwards and regularly; avoid close contact with sick people, if sick stay home and limit contact with others. Consult doctor immediately should signs and symptoms of flu persist.

We have sufficient amount of tamiflu. Swine flu virus in pigs different from humans.
Stockpile…started in response to avian influenza preparedness and readiness. We have sufficient ppes as of moment. But situation is evolving. Can’t say how much more do we need but we have enough as of moment.

(pangasinnan pigs affect humans) me mga reports na pwedeng makahawa sa tao, pero batay sa mga pagaaral at journals mula cdc itong mga virus na nakakaapekto sa mga baboy ay pwedeng makaapekto sa tao…karamihan ay hindi talaga nagdudulot ng matinding karamdaman. ibang klase itong human swine flu virus. Mukhang lumalabas, batay sa mga ulat ng cdc at who, itong bagong virus ay dulot ng paghahalo ng avian influenza virus, ng human influenza virus at swine influenza virus.
Tayag: (symptoms, different from other flu viruses) mild to severe illness, pananakit ng katawan, kalimutan, diarrhea, vomiting at saka sa ngayon sa mga adults between the ages of 25-40 years old. Influenza almost the same except that swine flu from mexico where there is outbreak. Sa ngayon po malalaman lang kung kukuha tayo ng sample, sa lalamunan, papadala sa who for testing.

(ebola) duque: malaki ang pagkakaiba ng human h1n1 virus swine flu virus at karaniwan na human influenza virus. Ito ay kadalasan h3n2, signs and symptoms of flu.. Di kasingbagsik ng human swine flu virus. Novel iyong sa mexico, bagong klase, up for typing pa.

Tayag: ebola..latest siguro pahintulutan ako ng bai, dumating sa ating bansa ang mga eksperto, tuloy tuloy ang investigation, looking for source or natural reservoir. Pagaralan ang fruit bats kung sila nga ang pinanggalingan. Anim…hindi nagkasakit walang nadagdag pero patuloy ang surveillance.
Matagal pang pag-aaral..para malaman natin kung talaga sa fruit bats ang pinagmulan.

(how effective thermal screening…gaano katagal bago magdevelop fully ang virus) sabitsana: 100% thermal scanner basta matamaan ka sa mata na may fever huli ka…kung gaano katagal, ang incubation period four to five days or ten days…mahuli, evaluate sa airport, papadala sa ritm for further evaluation doon test kung swine flu. Four to six hours malalaman…

Oveda: ritm and san lazaro and lung center are better equipped than during sars because of the lesson we learned from sars. More than ready to manage kind of situation…accepting suspected cases, capacity to confine in negative pressure room or isolation room.
Sabitsana: Specimens can be easily obtained…doctors at airport will evaluate..mexico or us, mataas ang kwan na ipapadala sa ritm…scanning, doctors, ambulance.
Lahat ng arriving passengers dumaraan sa thermal scanning, all international airports are doing that.
Duque: situation continues to evolve and we need to await reports from who which other countries have started to report. We have to wait, regular updates, media briefings. Meron tayong total of 11 scanners in 6 international airports, all activated. Lahat ng pagmamatyag, surveillance and screening, ginagawa na ng bureau of quarantine. Health alert notice, para maintindihan…marami tayong screening na gagawin…exposure….Canada, us mexico…within 7 days.
Sabitsana: Kung wala kang fever…kung may fever ka, punta ka na sa ritm…

Duque: has traveler exhibited signs and symptoms…within 7 days. If there is, alert authorities…to which this suspected case will hve to be referred to.
Meats from affected countries, sa bai…my last conversation, the4re are no imports of meat and meat products from mexico, not sure about us. Already banned.
Hindi kailangan hintayin ang resulta from who. Bantayan ang symptoms, many clinical parameters to look for…

Tayag: can cause mild illness or severe illness rapidly progressive, 3-5 days before it can lead to death, but as far as we know there are those who survive. Those from the us have not reported any deaths yet.

(gaano kasigurado hindi maapektuhan swine) mahirap magsalita on behalf of bai or da…not just from eating pork or pork products. Reiterate usual reminders na kailangan iluto ang karneng baboy, walang hilaw na bahagi, siguraduhin ang sabaw ay clear broth…

Rate ng nominate: case mortality rate, still evolving: total of 1,324 cases, 81 deaths. 6-7%. Mahirap magsalita ng tapos because evolving.

Thermal scanning, isolated groups already? Sabitsana: swine flu wala pa. noong una, everyday 3-5 weekly. Sa swine flu wala pang nahuli.

Transmission, human to human…how will virus reach if from swine. How can swines here be affected from farms in mexico? Tayag: swine flu can happen this way. Pigs can infect humans, pigs with swine flu. Reverse can also happen. Humans can infect pigs. Reverse…sa ngayon wala tayong swine flu sa mga baboy, ayon na rin sa latest report ng bai. Pangasinan hindi raw swine flu. Maaring pagpasok ng mga pasahero na may lagnat na baka nahawa sila…

Duque: direct contact, kasi transmission medium is via aerial droplet or direct contact with pigs, can get virus from swine. Paano yung swine flu virus in pigs makahawa sa baboy pilipinas. Pwedeng pig to human, human to pig. Aerial droplet, hindi through eating of pork meat.

Social distancing not yet necessary because virus not yet here in phils. Good for general protective purposes…(coughing manners etc)

(nagtatrabaho sa babuyan, get samples) tayag: sa ngayon wala pong indikasyon na gagawin natin sapagkat ang binabantayan natin ay mga tao na nagkakasakit. Kung magkakasakit tayo dun natin makukuha iyon, wala tayong swine flu na ine rereport sa kasalukuyan.
Duque: Kailangan may circumstantial factors,like galing ba ito sa mexico, etc.

(Call doh hotline pag nilagnat…)yes
Tayag: swine flu sa baboy, mild, pigs will recover.
Duque: ang mga baboy kasi although kilala na nagkakaroon ng swine flu virus na hindi naman matindi ang sakit na kanilang nararanasan, ang baboy mismo ay batay sa mga malaliman pananaliksik, effective mixing vessels. Kaya nga iyan ang magiging problema natin, sa mga baboy na pwedeng magkaroon ng reassortment of viruses. Mkuhang iyan ang nangyari sa mexico.

Batay sa clinical manifestation, may namatay, may namatay din sa sars, may parallels. Matinding karamdaman kaya kinakailangan mapagmatyag tayo…pandemic alert level 3. Limited to human to human transmission pero walang sustained community outbreak.

(what can doh say about sales of pigs…maasure sa public sa pagtangkilik ng pork) wala naman tayong problema batay sa mga reports ng bai, wala namang swine flu sa pig population sa ngayon sa pilipinas. It is the fear generated from epidemic of misinformation that will severely affect everyone. Let’s base it on reports we receive, data that are being provided by recognized health authorities such as who…

Tayag: karne, hindi umuubo. Hindi humahatsing. Hindi makukuha

What caused convergence of virus? Duque: hindi naman nangangahulugan lahat may explanation. Maraming mga teorya, hypothesis, haka-haka. Kinakailangan…sa research…kanilang…lahat ng kumakatawan sa mga academe, scientific community ay pinagaaralan na sa ngayon. Antayin na lang natin. Among viruses you have mutation, assortment.
Tayag: pandemics on influenza every 10-40 years. Last pandemic was 1968. May pagkakataon talaga mag evolve ang novel influenza virus.may potential maging pandemic…paano nangyari, yung pinaliwanag…north american influenza virus…nag reassort, produced h1n1…bagamat may human h1n1, magkaibang magkaiba ito.

(umabot sa iba pang hayop) duque: wala pa kaming ulat na nakahawa…

(on measures to be taken…differentiate since days of sars, bird flu) we have learned lot from experiences with sars with initial preparedness and response plans. The systems have been in place, need to review, tweak, enhance if necessary. Advantage of being in perpetual state of readiness. Not super competent, evolving situation, evolving problem, but we do not lack armamentaria of measures and defense systems that will prevent the recurrence of such virus in country.

Can be person with fever refuse to be brought to ritm? We have…oq…necessary mandate to deny anybody who refuses…public health, have to follow authorities and guidelines and policies which all emanate from clear pieces of legislation.

Sabitsana: we have law, nobody can refuse thermal scanning. If positive, cannot refuse pagsama sa ritm kung kailangan, foreigner man o local.

(confident handang handa na)…na perfect na natin…


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