Pork prices down by P5 to P10, says agri dept

BAI director Dave Catbagan and Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap

DA presscon, April 28. Philippine pork is safe to eat as long as you cook it thoroughly. Most of the meat the Philippines import are used for processed meat products. As of the morning of April 28, pork prices were down by P5 to P10.

Notes on the presscon. I haven’t edited or corrected it, so the usual caveats apply.
Dr. Wilfred resoso, phil college of swine practitioners, pspa, pres
Arceo alfonso, hypig
Renato eleria, chair, nfhfi
Eliseo you, nfhfi
Leo obviar, Philippine swine producers association

Ndcc meeting this afternoon with duque…oie…virus circulating in mexico no evidence transmitted by food. Second, combination of swine, avian and human. In localities, no swine influenza outbreak detected or registered. In phils, we don’t have swine influenza outbreak. Oie…novel virus not isolated in animals to date for which reason oie stated not even justified to name as swine influenza. Fact that human cases diagnosed with this virus, mexico, us, Israel, new Zealand, spain…not in contact with pigs. Oie called for urgent scientific research to know susceptibility of animals to this new virus and if relevant to implement biosecurity measures…Nagkasakit not in cnotact with hogs…

Temporary suspensino of all hog and pork import products in afflicted zones as defined by oie remains in place. Phil pork is safe to eat. We don’t have outbreak of swine influenza in phils…we have local suppliers from visayas and Mindanao…meat must always be properly cooked for consumption…ordered bai quarantine officials to be on heightened alert to ensure all hand carried products are screened…asking for…wider surveillance being observed by bai in place as part of reston campaign…asking for more kits…national meat…to monitor slaughterhouses…to ensure proper safety certification and the same…

What we’re going to discuss would be determination…of responsibiliites bet different agneices. When this news hit the world it was categorized as animal health issue, now developing more as human health issue. Require lot of itner agency coordination for proper take..interagency body..proper take on what we are confronting today…to proportion accountability and responsibility..

(expanding pork import ban) all areas, all afflicted zones reported under oie protocol part of temporary suspensino

(ban travel) to be determined by doh. Set record straight when issue is animal health

(call to lift ban..) temporary suspensino in place (acup). (no proven…) yap: instead of absolute ban, ang ban ng da is specific, localized zone. Hindi sinasabing lahat ng pork products ng us…yun mga afflicted zones lang, texas…California area…

Ban on pork exports stay…on related matter, asking bai to look at freedom zones in Mindanao…rushing test kits to arrive..believe in many parts of Mindanao and visayas, free from diseases and can go back to exporting targets.

(effect ng imports sa supply, percent of pork) importing less than five %. Less than 50,000 metric tonos…for processed meats. Not wet market meat, more for processesed meat..

(other areas ng us hindi kasama sa afflicted, pwede pa rin ang importation. No danger because of proximity) we work under strict oie protocol. They track all of these. Part of this int’ org and the org basically works. Not saying this is going to be an unchanging policy. Not going to overreact…assess situation, every hour and if it necessitates we issue total import ban 30 mins from now given new info we will do it. These are the facts and we will stay with facts

(hand carried food from airport from afflicted area) sorry.

Catbagan: reported outbreak of swine influenza from pangasinan has total false alarm. Same source denied…requested over and over again to deny. Walang swine influenza sa swine. To distinguish sa human na ginagamit nila. Walang swine influenza outbreak sa pangasinan. Baka mayroong ibang sakit, for now inaantay ang report ng provincial veterinarian…region 1…that we can confirm whatever diagnosis took place…isa lang nagkaroon ng ebola, single farm in pandi and depopulated..program sa ebola is wider net surveillance for regions3 and 4, includes southcot and sarangani area…dependent on arrival of 50,000 test kits in two regions in Luzon and provinces in gensan…hopefully can negotiate export in due time.

(if not for ebola…could have been complied with) like 50 metric tons every two weeks.

(impact on local pork consumption) yap: if you judge by prices, some effect because P5-10 drop for kasim and liempo reflected as early as this morning. From 160 to 150. Liempo, from 180 down to 170.

Eleria: farm gate no effect yet. 92-94 per kilo backyard farm.

Yap: we have to stay within facts and react accordingly. Human health is involved and we’re coordinating with doh on matter. Also the reason why we’ve asked the national meat inspections, sa namimili sa palengke, look for national meat inspection certificate. Use common sense, pag napakamura, iba ang kulay, iba ang amoy, double dead yun. You cannot consume. We’re very concerned. This is P150b sector, employing 300,000 Filipinos…are dependent on this industry.

(areas with import ban)

(san attribute P5-10) yap: kung sa palagay natin may impact na. ang pricing parang bellweather indication…bumababa ang demand.

(ilang countries ang involved) us, mexico, Canada, spain, Israel… (latest importation from these countries) catbagan: around 12…importing between 15 million kilos up to may up to last week of april. From 12 countries including us and Canada and spain.

(alert quarantine officials…paano backdoor entries) yap: we have to coordinate with coast guard and bureau of customs at ndcc meeting this afternoon.

Mexico, not source of import, part of us, Canada, we’ll check on additional as we go on.

YaP: wala sa list ng oie…no swine influenza outbreak…considering hindi made ermine link and more studies need to be determined…better side of prudence dictates upon us to put temporary suspension on those areas with large outbreak of human…human influenza outbreak, us, mexico, Canada…open but not at this point in time…travel ban…sure come up…doh more interested in…

Phils opening up more markets, to ensure more inveestments in hog production…confident kahit wala ang outbreak meron nang opportunity, even if they were exporting there wold be opportunity for us…we will release through our agribeat.


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