DND, DOH, DA meeting on swine flu (Apr28)

From left: Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap and Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro

The departments of health, agriculture and defense met at the National Disaster Coordinating Council on Tuesday, April 28, to discuss what measures to take with regards to the swine flu virus that now threatens to become a pandemic.
There is no reported case in the Philippines as of yet.
There are three government hospitals ready to take in a patient with suspected swine flu virus, but we have no capability to test for the virus. Our laboratories can only determine if the virus is “typable or non-typable;” if it’s non-typable, or of unknown strain, then it is sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) or the US for testing. We expect to get our own testing kits, eventually.
Pork is safe to eat, as long as it is cooked well. As Dr. Tayag said in an earlier press conference: Hindi humahatsing ang karneng baboy. Pwede pong kainin ito.

I have not had time to go through these notes again, which I took during the press conference. So the usual caveats apply: check and double check because there might be mistakes. And please forgive the numerous typo errors.

Teodoro: To establish protocols we need to do…on part of da also our protocols for their monitoring of humans who may be infected in our hog farms which is not the case at this time. We offer the facilities and services of ndcc to both agencies in case they should need them.

Yap: some things need to be established…oie in statement in paris said virus in mexico and us involving person to person transmission no evidence being transmitted via food. ..transmission probably done through swine…very critical dito…..cnotinue testnig hog population for ebola reston. In addition to measures put in place, we are already monitoring farms, any abnormalities in terms of farm handlers will be monitored…national meat service go in heightened alert…monitoring meat establishment, ensuring proper meat certifications are duly issued…all seaports and airports ordered to go on heightened alert to make sure temporary ban stays in place. Even as we recognize…no otubreak but better side of prudence to maintain temporary suspension…

Undersecretary villager and dr. eric tayag:

Villaverde: strongly suggested human to human transmission. Efforts being undertaken to trace source of outbreaks..individual cases and among close contacts mostly in mexico city…outside mexico..history of travel to mexico. April 25…who declared outbreak of novel swine flu associated acute respiratory sydrom…public health emergency of international concern..
Who issued interim guidelines to facilitate standardized reporting…three major hospitals…ritm, slh, lung center…to assess situation and formalize concrete plan of action to deal with evolving situation. The following are already in place or to be instituted today and in the succeeding days. Instituted screening of all inbound passengers in international ports and airports…passengers and travellers with febrile condition will be isolated aand treated at ritm, slh, and lung center. We are already establishing the mechanism by which we can orgnaize also our field hospitals and other emergency operation center. The who has raised the alert level to phase 4, because of a higher risk of a pandemic. Phase 4 means a human to human transmission of an animal or human animal influenza reassortant virus that is able to sustain community level outbreaks. Verified particularly in mexico. For phils, we need to be vigilant, able to put into readiness our response for a possible pandemic spread of this illness.

Teodoro: phase 4, two classifications. Affected and unaffected countries.

Villaverde: for those affected like mexico, rapid cnotaimnent, as much as possible contain illness within country, control those febrile or with symptoms to get out from the country. For the phils we are a country classified as not yet affected. We need to have readiness, includes oureadiness in terms of disaese surveillance mechanism, hospital, clinical care aspect, logistics, drugs, medicine supply, public information and advocacy. With our experience in avian influenza for which we have remained zero case, quite assured our readiness is in place. Our experience with sars in 2003, which triggered most of preparation now we are having, we are in that stage of readiness. More recently the reston virus. We have already conducted some tabletop exericses and other scenarios that will make our hhealth workers and health managers more able to respond to this condition.

Teodoro: we’re guarding against the human disease from human beings and not swine. Take steps to meet eventual pandemic should it affect the Philippines. ..inform public to take what steps are…regarding Mexican swine flu. It is safe to eat pork..lutuin lang ng maige.

q&a: (contingency plan on stockpile of tamiflu, how many kits we have, labs prepared to test possible casees, how soon and how quik)

Villaverde: right now in doh we have 450,000 capsules of 75 mg of tamivil…good for 45,000 cases. We compute this as 2 tablets, one table 2x a day for five days. This is available within doh and we can easily mobilize to be available in any area we would find to have this Mexican swine flu.

Tayag: readiness to detect the Mexican swine flu in Filipinos…since 2005 we were montoring the influenza like illness and subtype and strains. The currently circulating strains…distinguish from Mexican swine flu…we have vaccine against human influenza type a but this cannot be used for Mexican swine flul h1n1. When they detected the particular Mexican swine flu strain this was result of reassortment of several viruses…human, avian, swine influenza. Hogs or swines are mixing vessels. Regularly get swine flu. Not for most part affect humans. Humans who ttake care of sick swines can get swine flu and also mild illness. Simultaneously these 3 viruses were there. Oie was stating fact, not reported before in animals or humans. Whats happening right now because detected in humans, no expossure to sick pigs, who alerted world there might be human to human transmission. We are now in this end of chain. It’s possible there were sick pigs but not documented yet. No documented swine flu in pigs. Situation is evolving, give information as soon as it unfolds.

(ritm, slh and lung center can detect in how many hours) in several hours…what ritm can detect is if typable or not. The Mexican swine flu is non typabyle. Cdc and who assured countries they would provide each country the new reagnets…in a few days…actually determine if Mexican swine flu or not. We can test..but what we can know at this time is it’s non subtypable. No travel ban and not recommend at this time. Even mexico and us not banned travel to mexico, not see reason why phils should ban travels. Precaution, if you can postpone travel to areas…personal hygiene, hand washing, cover mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing…

(stockpile on tamiflu) not advise individuals to self medicate. Unwise use can produce resistance. ..we have guidelines give list of those who will require…if you have access don’t self medicate because when it’s the Mexican swine flu and you use it, and you have resistance it will not give you benefit anymore.

Yap: 40% of meat products from us and Canada. Meat consumption galing sa palengke hindi maapektuhan, pang meat processing lang. make sure that food security is not affected. (not monitored downtrend in purchase) no but we have monitored downtrend in prices for about 5-10p…some level of concern amongst our consumers, farm produceers this morning told us price at farm gate di nagbabago. 40,000mt (40%)

Tayag: explanation why in mexico people died not in us. Lessons.
As far as we know from the reports of swine flu occurring sporadically in human before…can present with wide spectrum of illness, very mild, severe, that can result in death. Sa us, mild ang illness, sa mexico, fatal. Still don’t know why that’s happening. Can range from very mild to serious illness. We don’t know, evolving, gathering information and will be shared as soon as we have it.

Officially who in its secure website…only counted as of apr 26, and they have reported, 72 cases and 7 deaths worldwide. 72 cases: mexico, 26, 7 deaths, us 40 cases no deaths, Canada, 6 cases zero deaths. These are only confirmed cases. What you are getting from wires include suspect cases.

Teodoro: lahat kami nandito para sabihin sa ating publiko, di magpanic, di maalarma ang mga kabobohan. Nandito upang patunayan buong gobyerno naghahanda in event mangyari, hindi sigurado kailangan lang maghanda. Hindi makakasama na kumain ng baboy gaya ng lahat ng pagkain kailangan lamang lutuin ng mabuti. Precisely para maliwanagan ang ating mga kababayan.

Tayag: fever, sudden onset, body pains, sore thraot, sneezing, runny nose, cough, with diarrhea unlike regular flu. Suspect swine flu is syptoms of fever, flu plus history of travel in places where Mexican swine flu found. Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea…difference with regular flu.

(detect panic buying of medicines, face masks) villaverde: sa ngayon wala. Hindi kailangan magstockpile because we still don’t have disease yet.

Tayag: prediction ng experts…focal point ng next pandemic is asia…lalo na nagumpisa avian influenza…why it happened we don’t know…hindi pa pandemic ng who…may increased risk lang for a pandemic…

(Travel ban) teodoro: decision should be made…not within my jurisdiction…as lawyer can issue travel advisory…travel ban will gbe product of international order by competent international body. We can deny entry or do appropriate measures to segrerate person who has been t ocountry. Citizens free to go to mexico but if they should exhibit signs looking out for, run therisk of being brought to appropriate facility for quarantine.


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