DOH advisory on the A(H1N1) virus

This is the third advisory from the health department, issued on May 7, 2009, regarding the cases under observation for influenza A(H1N1). There have been 12 recorded cases under observation (CUO) since May 1, but of these 12, eight have tested negative for the new virus. Four are still under observation.

The Department of Health (DOH) today reported two more cases under observation since May 1. The total number of CUOs now stands at 12.

Eight of these CUOs have already been tested negative for the H1N1 virus, while the remaining four are still under investigation.

Five of these 12 cases are Filipinos, the others are foreigners.

The age range of these cases is between 9 years old and 80 years old. Seven of these cases are males, the rest are females.

The countries of origin of these cases are as follows: Switzerland (1), USA (2), Ireland (1), UK (1), Republic of Korea (3), Canada (2), and Italy (2).

All 12 CUOs were taken to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicines (RITM), San Lazaro Hospital and Vicente Sotto Medical Center.


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  1. interesting post, it seems the h1n1 is getting a bit more serious.

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