Manny Pacquiao advised to postpone homecoming, go into isolation for 5 days

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III shows outlines the procedure arriving travelers must go through.

In LA, where Pacquiao went after his boxing bout, there is a case of a third generation transmission — the virus being transmitted to someone who has not been to Mexico at all. Given the stream of visitors to Pacquiao, and the parade that will be held in his honor when he comes home, the health department wants to make sure that Pacquiao does not have the virus and will not be transmitting it to others.
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said Pacquiao should isolate himself for five days, to make sure that he does not have the virus. The national day of celebration — set on May 8 — has been reset to Monday.

Update no 2 with regard to cases under observation as of may 6 2009

There are 10 cases under observation reported since may 1 2009. 5 of these case under observations have tested negative for novel flu virus while remaining five under investigation. Four of these ten cases are Filipinos the other six are foreigners. Age range bet 9 years and 80
years old. Seven are males while three are females. The countries of origin: Switzerland, 1, us, 2, Ireland 1, uk 1, south korea, 2, Canada, 1 italy 2.. All the ten cases were taken to ritm san lazaro
hospital and Vicente sotto medical center in Cebu.
Worldwide the who and us cdc has reported 1,490 cases with 30 deaths from 21 countries…

Within 24 to 48 hours get results, will report as soon as we get it in a systematic manner.

(difference bet suspected and case under observation) similar to case under investigation. Just terminologies, they’re not probable, neither are they confirmed. That classification same…as

Symptoms except for one. One of three in Cebu only cough. Diarrhea and vomiting were not reported.

(why are ages between 9-80) there’s really no specific answer to that because everybody is vulnerable to developing influenza although dmittedly more commonly affects very young and very old.

(nationality of five under observation) four of these cases Filipinos, other six are foreigners. Five under investigation…one Ireland, 2 uk, 3 south korea, south korea, and US. (all foreigners under observation) 2 Filipinos, 3 foreigners. Only country of origin, not nationality.

32 yr old male, Filipino, from Ireland. Now at Vicente sotto.
26 yr old female, foreigner, from uk, also at Vicente sotto.
12 yr old male, foreigner, from south korea, ritm.
9 yr old male, foreigner, from south korea, ritm.
29 yr old male, Filipino, from us, san lazaro hospital.

(cooperation among asian countries, or doing by country basis) tomorrow I will be chairing asean health mins meeting in Bangkok with japan, sk and china. The agenda starting tomorrow…also tayag and robin so are joining me…one of the agenda items for consideration is to compare our pandemic flu preparedness and action plans. 13 plans and we will now share notes, what the others are doing…screening in seaports and airports, disease surveillance based on who recommendation, what countries are doing in matter of stadnards being used to set oseltamivir stockpile level, measures of personal prevention, adequacy of personal protective equipment, if one has a lot more, can share with member country not as rich as others? Also in area of hospital capacitation…all components will be taken into consideration…harmonize…desire is to come u pwith resolution binding to all member countries for submission to forthcoming who held in may
in Switzerland.

Same challenges we are facing this ah1n1 has been discovered in mexico. Can’t second guess.

(different capabilities) standards we have to harmonize. Countries are reacting differently from each other…quarantine the hotel…cohort of people, we have to have some kind of standard. We need to cnosult with each other and agree on what recommended standards and course of action will be. Cannot second guess decision or basis of hk decision to put entire hotel under quarantine.

No reason to panic. No case of ah1n1, what is important is for all of us to understand what gov’t is doing, what steps gov’t initiating, how we are communicating is equally vital. We appeal to your sense of balance and to be circumspect if news picked up from other sources other than doh…do presscon more regularly as soon as more data available.

Our national stokcpile is 800k, 700k doh, 100k from gsis. National including private 1.171m capsules. Objective is to bring up doh stockpile to 1m.

(assurance virus can be contained once one of identified cases turn out to be positive) we will have to wait for results. That’s why they are now under quarantine, our objective to contain possible spread. We have to go through the usual process. Of primary, secondary screening…ritm as reference lab will have to give us updates whether probable case…it is duty of ritm to refer samples to collaborating labs. Cdc and Australia in japan and wait for final result of testing.

Who itself has said it’s beyond containment. Kung isipin mo nga naman, mga contacts…kung nagkaroon ng masinsinang contact tracing…follow process…

Tayag: we will still opt for containment as much as possible, but also indicators where containment may not be possible anymore…widespread community outbreak…contaiment means as soon as we confirm, able to trace contacts and able to quarantine. Of course kung pasenger nag develop ng symptom…notify passengers and also traced so they will be also quarantined. Not have to happen because all passengers should observe..don’t have to be contacted…should be responsible…

Duque: reflected in health alert notice…given to arriving pasengers and giving focus on those confirmed to have come from countries with report..

(waiting for test results on whether virus is typable or non typable) yes

Team pacquiao: their strong recommendation is to first get in touch with manny pacquiao and entourage and tell them to postpone their arrival from Friday to Tuesday. Because of the following reasons: in los angeles, according to who, they have already received reports of a third generation human to human transmission. Came from mexico, contact to la and that contact transmitted to another person. Which now is an indication that the spread is happening and since manny pacquiao and company are in la after the fight…it is better to be sure, to be concerned…the who is saying that if and when he and his company develop the sysmmptoms, has to be within five day period. Basis for making recommendation, now trying to get in touch with handlerss of manny to tell them of this recommendation…most likely it means they did not contract virus and will not be source of virus.

Providing they self quarantine. Beginning today they shouldn’t be going out anymore, should impose self quarantine. Anyway there’s also bagyo on Friday…might be blessing in disguise. I guess what we’re going to do is convince them the best way we can. Don’t want to imagine hindi sila papayag.

There is news they intend to come back Friday and be paraded, so much exposure, we don’t want this to be the cause for the possible unnecessary spread of this virus. If and when meron. (thermal scanner) no that’s not enough. Only good when you manifest symptoms such as fever. Yung mga halimbawa dito, hindi naman galing sa airport, galing sa ibang hospital. Hindi mo pwedeng gamitin na thermal scanners good enough to screen passengers…not know what stage of disease or
manifestation they are presenting.

(pilgrims from mexico) wala pa…if they came…salang-sala na sila…pagdating dito sasalaain pa sila.

Magpaparade si manny. Mabuti kung walang parada. Either inbound traveler manifest with fever, positive. Or does not manifest. If with fever, step2, doctor, evaluate…submit yourself to
attending physician for further screening to confirm temperature and
review travel history. Those with fever are termed case under investigation..ritm now send or transport cui or cuo to referral hospital. Let’s get back to when the traveler manifest no symptoms.
They are told to proceed to immigration counter. After second screening, makita na hindi may lagnat at mapatunayan na walang simptomas, asked to proceed to immigration counter. Based on health notice, nakalagay ang mga dapat gawin…if those symptoms are started to be felt or manifested, they are told to contact ritm, san lazaro or other referral hospitals of doh.

(seaports) ganun din. On top of thermal scanner are thermal strips…quarantine personnel put on forehead of inbound passengers. Take note that voyage of vessels take more than 10 days, alam na
kaagad na may sakit. Hindi katulad sa mga ito mabilis ang air travel…

Tayag: they’re Koreans, not related, they’re under observation. Cebu case, voluntary only with cough.

Can’t give details because these are mix of people checkpoint at airport and voluntarily tumawag.

Duque: he would be treated like any other ordinary traveler. Manny is unique because people want to welcome him…nobody knows exactly about this virus.

(if he insists) have to explain to him we have to implement the laws…clear in ra creating bureau of quarantine.


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