RP has second case of A(H1N1)

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III gives a press briefing shortly after his arrival from Geneva

And the health department clarifies: the Taiwanese woman found positive with A(H1N1) virus upon arrival in Taiwan, after a short trip to the Philippines, DID NOT ATTEND A YOGA SESSION IN THE PHILIPPINES.

The Philippines now has its second case of A(H1N1): a 50-year-old balikbayan woman from Chicago who went here for a vacation. The woman arrived here on May 20. She was referred to a doctor after she developed a fever and a cough, and later tested positive for A(H1N1). She is now recovering, however, even though she had just been given antivirals.

In fact, in Japan, Duque said some patients were not given medicines at all, but were told to stay home and rest; they recovered on their own.

Meanwhile, here is the health department’s statement on the Taiwanese woman who was found positive for A(H1N1) after a short trip here to the Philippines:
“On the Taiwanese national who visited the Philippines, the DOH is continuously investigating the case. We have already coordinated with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control who reported yesterday that the patient has already fully recovered. At present, her daughter only has mild respiratory symptoms and does not have fever anymore. Based on the information we have, the Taiwanese woman fell ill after visiting the Philippines for a short vacation. She did not attend any social gathering in the country, which could have exposed her to the virus while here in the Philippines.”

Notes from the presscon. For background use only.

Dr. Mario villaverde
Sec Francisco duque iii
Dr. soo

Duque: very happy to be back from geneva…where represented country to 62nd…there are about 44 countries affected and about a total of 12,022 cases…fresh info everyday keep our people on alert and inform them about…measures they need to know to protect themselves and their families…
Commend for job well done in keeping our nation safe…in geneva, who together with health ministers..included progress in attainment of mdgs, climate change, impact of global economic crisis on health particularly health of poorest people. Much of debate centered on ah1n1 virus and implementation of regulations…chan opened wha with reminder to all countries of why the world needs to be prepared for this new threat.

..72% case fatality rate. In the braoder context…almost 90% of deaths have occurred in mexico, very few reported deaths in rest of 44 affected countries. Having said that, we are all hoping that this will be the pattern of illness caused by ah1n1 and we cannot be too complacent because many factors can cause a mild illness to manifest severely especially in peoplee with underlying medical conditions…such as what happened in mexico…when they started admitting…had pre-existing condition. In the who we all agreed at end of meeting that what will spell our survival in any pandemic will be strong and effective public health repsonse. Strong health systems that can detect…provide access to drugs…need to tackle with greater solidary with the international community. Stepping up preapredness and response plan.

We are announcing second confirmed case of ah1n1 in the country. On the first confirmed case child almost fuly recovered with only minor sore thraot…will be discharged as soon as pcr is negative. 50 yr old female arrived may 20 from us and sought consult in health facility a day after arriving, may 21. Ritm confirmed specimen tested positive and she only has mild symptoms which include fever and cough. Not have symptoms at present. Immediately started on medication currently being monitored. Efforts underway to trace close contacts.

Taiwanese doh investigating. Not attend any social gathering…

10 new cases under observation. 9 pending lab results. With six other previous cases awaiting results.

Filipina, Chicago based, balikbayan. In a health facility. (traveling alone) she traveled alone. That’s the information.

(how many contacts traced so far) villaverde: we have the same procedure as what we had done in the first index case, there are contacts already that we made with the household, and they were already informed, same manner did I nthe first index case. Also we have already contacted the airline and we were able to recover the flight manifest and now the same process as we did in thhe index case we have informed the regional epidemiologist and regional offices especially that some of the co passengers have already gone back to their places. Hometowns nila.

(Taiwanese, yoga) initial info gathered. But it appears communications bet national ep center and Taiwan cdc reveal woman did not attend any social gathering as was reported. But all of these will have to be validated…
(so can we clarify) she did not attend any social gathering.

Duque: consensus is that this flu has been manifesting in a mild form but what of course we cannot take for granted is the fact that it is so unpredictable, it’s a novel virus, new virus, we can see even in our local experience here in phils the first two confirmed cases support global consensus that this is really a mild form of influenza but at the same time we have to guard against complacency. Only sure thing about virus is unpredictability. In the initial phase there can be some parallels..in how virus can possibly evolve to become more virulent at some point in time.

50 year old female, confirmed just this morning by ritm that she is positive for ah1n1. (one year old child in Davao, any report) none yet. That is in the normal course of activity for surveillance, quarantine…expect to give full range of measures and pertinent activities like, diagnose, confirm, wala pa kaming report.

As of now we only have two cases. We have a total of how many suspects from start? Two confirmed, 15 cuo, discarded, 88. Total 105.

(would you recommend) we don’t but we continue to analyze situation on day to day to basis.

Taiwan na. and the report is she no longer symptomatic.

Ordinary seasonal influenza has higher fatality of 10%. Even more compelling, if not alarming.

(asymptomatic may transfer) as long as covered medically, started on Oseltamivir.

Tayag: the current protocol requires two negative pcr, ah1n1. All confirmed caases tested again before discharged. Negative means they cannot transfer.

When attended to, on the way to recovery…

Olveda: made report…when we examined specimen, viral lode very low, possible in a few days become negative. Plus clinical manifestation, means it’s probably towards end of infection. Started medicine…

Duque: spoke to regional director…dr. shin…just tell them to stay at home, don’t give them medication anymore…why is japan building on stockpile, telling them don’t go to hospital, apparently even if not give them medication…antiviral initiated…just like most other common influenza, just rest, stay at home, make sure don’t abuse yourself, drink adequate fluids, resistance taken cared of, body by itself will ward off virus.

Villaverde: 15 able to contct yesterday show no signs and symptoms also household members but still under quarantine. For proper monitoring and observatino to local gov’t unit concerned.

Duque: even if it appears clinical manifestation of particular influenza illness suggest strongly mild one and more akin to seasonal influenza, not know how turn out later on. New virus…

There are limitation…and reservations with regard to how the virus will continue to evolve or mutate. Might create effective vaccine today and suddenly lose effectiveness when virus turns around corner and mutates. We must always bear in mind…that we cannot afford to let our guard down. We know it’s mild…on one hand not know reaction it’s going to pursue…like pandemic of 1918, first wave affect small number, second wave 50m globally?

(reinfection) I think you have an immunity…you already have antibodies to it. But the problem is like most viruses they’re very dynamic, can mutate, reassort…antibodies become useless, body has to develop again new set of antibodies against mutated virus. Ah1n1 they’ve already identified five strains…


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