DOH confirms: 4 more cases of A(H1N1) in RP

From left to right: Dr. Vasquez, Secretary Duque, Dr. Villaverde, Dr. Tayag.

There are now a total of 6 cases of Influenza A(H1N1) in the Philippines. Of the six, three have fully recovered while three still have cough.

Two of the new cases were among those who had close contact with the Taiwanese woman who visited the Philippines for five days and then tested positive for Influenza A(H1N1) in Taiwan.
The health department had earlier said she attended a yoga session here, then said that she did not attend any social gathering, and later said that she attended a wedding.

Health Undersecretary Mario Villaverde said the discrepancies in the statements were due to the fact that the Taiwanese woman was not very forthcoming with the information.

Until now the DOH refuses to release information about those who have the virus, leaving the public guessing as to what places to avoid, which only fuels more speculation, or whether they have been exposed and should contact the DOH.

During the press conference, questions on whether or not the new confirmed cases went to a public place after their contact with the Taiwanese woman and before the symptoms manifested were not answered. DOH officials simply said that they “were able to get the contacts as far as they know.”

Anyway, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III stresses that the virus appears to be mild, since less than one percent of those who had it died.

Update no. 25

May 27 2009

Secretary Francisco Duque III announced today that there are four new laboratory-confirmed Influenza A(H1N1) cases in the country today. We have 2 females, aged 1 year and 26 years; and 2 males, aged 13 years and 55 years. The two children had history of travel to affected countries (Hong Kong and the United States). Both adults are contacts of the confirmed case from Taiwan. All are currently being observed in health facilities. The 13-year-old male has fully recovered while the rest still have cough.

Efforts are being taken to complete contact tracing and to place under quarantine those with known exposure to the confirmed cases. Those who are found ill will be brought to designated health facilities. The results of the monitoring will be shared with affected local governments once they are available so that further spread will be promptly prevented.

The Department of Health is expecting more confirmed cases in the coming weeks due to its intensive contact tracing and heightened awareness among the public. Also, since there is continuous international travel and the number of affected countries continue to increase, the DOH has been preparing for this scenario.

DOH however assures the public that the pandemic preparedness and response plan is in place and that it has expanded its referral hospitals to all DOH Regional Hospitals and Medical Centers.

Duque reiterated that if you have traveled to an Influenza A(H1N1) affected country or have been exposed to a confirmed case of Influenza A(H1N1) and have fever, cough, sore throat or flu-like symptoms, please consult a health facility immediately. You can also call the DOH hotline 711-1001 or 711-1002. For the Visayas, you can call the DOH hotline (032) 418-7636 and (032) 255-1591. For Mindanao, you can call the DOH hotline (082) 227-2731.

Notes from presscon; for background info only.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III
Dr. Mavic vasquez
Dr. Mario villaverde
Dr. Eric tayag

I would like to announce there are four new confirmed cases of ah1n1 as of may27, 2009. These are lab confirmed cases. We have 2 females, 1 yr and 26 yrs old, two males, 13 and 55 yrs. Two children history of travel to honking and us. Both adults are contacts of confirmed case from Taiwan. All currently being observed in health facilities. 13yr old male fully recovered, rest have cough. Efforts taken to complete contact tracing and place under quarantine those with contact with confirmed cases…

Shared with local govts once available so further spread will be promptly prevented. Doh expecting more confirmed cases in coming weeks due to intensive contact tracing and heightened awareness. Continuous travel and number of affirmed continue to increase.

Doh has been preparing for this scenario…nirerepaso pandemic response plan according to how situation evolves. Pandemic response plan in place…among other things, expanded referral hospitals from 5 t include all doh regional hospitals and medical centers. If you or anyone has traveled to ah1n1 country or exposed to confirmed case, and have fever, cough and flu like symptoms, please call doh facility…call hotline…visayas, 032 4187636, 032 2551591. Mindanao, call doh hotline 082 227 2731.

(all Filipinos) yes

(two local cases. Now have local transmission) no you have to classify. Index case where we have two, and now second generation. Third generation, beyond that community outbreak. We are at level of second generation.

(got from someone with history of travel) exactly

(Taiwan got virus here or there)something we have to find answer to

(Taiwanese got it here) possibility but we don’t have enough info to build or establish a conclusion. We will have to just look for more data or info to build up case or belief that this could be either a transmission or confirmed case in two Taiwanese officials, or vice versa. That it might have been taken from local source.

(which hospitals are these four cases) doh hospitals. contact tracing continues we need to get more info as we widen net…

tayag: once we have confirmed case we contact the household contacts of the confirmed case so they are immediately placed under quaranntine and for those who get ill brought immediately to hospital. At that point in time able to identify contacts. From interviews also gather information if they were able to have other contacts as well so we can identify all possible contacts from…

(any went to mall or public place) we have info of their whereabouts from time they got ill to time they were transferred to a a hospital

(anyone went to public place) we cannot tell you exact place for each of these contacts but what we want to tell you is that we’re able to get all the contacts as far as we know. Able to trace all of the contacts of confirmed cases.

(conditions of cases, getting better) duque: the four…case no.3, from honkong, status is recovered, four, from us, still presents with cough but no fever. Case 5, contact of confirmed case from Taiwan, still with cough. Case 6…still presents with cough and fever. All in doh facilities.

(boy in japan) we are gathering as much info as we can. We have begun to gather preliminary information as soon as we are able to get much and get clearer picture of case also share info in its entirety.

(contracted here) anything is possible. We’re analyzing the dates when mother and child actually first developed the symptoms, which province came from, how long before left for japan, symptoms began to develop. We have some patchy info not enough to weave clear solid picture.

(one year old baby girl from hong kong) the one year old female actually came from US. (13 yr old boy) came from hong kong (when arrive, when manifested symptoms) nec can give dates of arrival and other pertinent info.

Tayag: case. No.3, from hong kong, arrived may 23, had symptoms on may 23. Case 4, 1 yr old from US, arrived may 19., onset symptoms may 19. 5 and 6, may17, when there was that wedding. No history of travel and arrival.
We have started (contact tracing) that’s routine… all contacts of confirmed cases including the household contacts and from passengers, one row behind and three rows front.

(contacted) effforts are underway.

(Saigon) duque: haven’t received info. Assure surveillance teams will soon look into this. You have to understand that as we cast net of contact tracing the gravity of work inoderinately increases. We need your patient. Like to take this opportunity to take the cluster for policy and standards development of service delivery, Mario villaverde, nec, dpc, bureau of quarantine, hems, health emergency management staff, ritm, san lazaro, lung center,f or their patience and resoluteness in seeing to it we are able to share with you quality data and information.

Duque: public must not panic. With info we have shared, no cause for public to panic. What is important for us to understand is that anybody who has traveled to influenza ah1n1 affected country or known to have been exposed to confirmred case and you manifest symptoms, go to doctor or hospital. Get in touch with doh or other appropriate offices of doh. Ritm, lung center, san lazaro, Davao medical center, Vicente sotto and later on we can give list of expanded referral hospitals. We have to continuously remind public that although list of countries get longer almost everyday case fatality rate continues to be less than one percent. Case fatality rate is number of deaths over number of affected individuals. 90% of .72% case fatality rate on account of cases in mexico. Deaths in mexico. If you were to get out mexico from equation, case fatality is 1 per 1,000 infected population. Dengue in the phils has a little over 1% case fatality rate, since april we have already total of 57 deaths, of a total number of dengue cases which is about 5,700 plus. We are confronted with many threats to our public health. Let me also stress fact that when I came back from geneva global consensus is that ah1n1 influenza is mild form of influenza illness. All the pieces of evidence point to such. In mexico, more deaths because of late reporting. 47% of those that died, people with underlying medical problems.

7r old child and 4 yr old sister, positive daw.

Tayag: how many contacts are being monitored: we are monitoring contacts from all confirmed cases, including those that attended wedding. 5, may21 onset symptoms, admitted may 24. May21 symptoms…

Don’t have exact numbers right now, tomorrow able to announce number of contacts that were ill and positive and ill but were negative.
Onset of symptoms for case no. 3 was may23, that was the one who came from hk. Case 4, who came from us, may 19 onset of symptoms. Case 4 admitted on may 24, 5th day of illness. Case 5, onset of symptoms, may21, admitted may 24. Case no.6, onset may 21, may25 was seen.

(ilan suspected sa ngayon. Under observation) villaverde: what we are reporting to you now are new confirmed cases. From morning’s report, 28 cases still under observation. We have some modification in report since time we have first confirmed case. We now have six. Our cases under observation is 28 (pa rni). No. of discarded cases, 159. Plus four new confirmed cases. We will report…the two were cuos that turned positive.

Duque: haven’t informed pres but will inform after this. Sure reiterate what is has been telling us all time that we have to be aggressive in efforts to contain spread of virus making sure preparedness continues to be reviewed according ot how situation evolves both internationally and locally. We have plan, containment measures, patuloy thermal scan…health alert notice pagbabantay sa seaports, airports, patuloy pagpalaki ng Oseltamivir stockpile…we have convened command conference, regional doh to tell them what adjusttment have to be made and of course we decided to capacitate more hospitals to be able to diagnose with certainty and level of confidence…

(wear masks now) not at all. Stress importance of personal protective measures, proper hand washing, cough and sneeze manners…just stay home. If you have symptoms and not have any link or history of exposure to an affected or confirmed case and no travel to affected place, stay home and you will recover. If you or members of your family have underlying medical condition, if immunosuppressed because of medication…bring to hospitals.


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