Dilangalen moves to close the debates…

There was a motion to close the debates…now those who object are being given five minutes each to explain their objection.

Guingona: …now, now mr speaker gma is poised to destroy the very heart of our republican system, our democracy. Congressmen of the republic, have we no shame? Let us stop this farce immediately.

Dilangalen: there are other important issues…close the debate…I moved yesterday that committee on constitutional amendments endorse favorably…this was acted upon and that’s the reason we are discussing this now, today… in the early part…why the preference to house bill 1109 when we have other important matters? Carp? This is not certified, and we have deliberating on this as early as 5 o’clock. Practically the same questions were asked. I’m invoking rule53 because this is so provided under the rules.

I second the motion.

There is a motion to close the debates…


Speaker: the house will vote…

Explain objection in five minutes.

Custodio: mas importante ito…dito sa matagal nang isinusulong ng ibang myembro ng minorya…now, even after yung complaints coming from different sectors of society that there was not enough public hearing, hindi lahat ng sektor napakinggan ukol dito. Ang nirason ng ating chairman ng committee…there is no other place to better debate than in the house where the different sectors are represent, where each and every district is represented. And if my district, the sector that akbayan represents, cibac represents, is not going to be heard. Sanay naman kami sa minorya na natatalo…here we are again…


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