Plenary debates continue on chacha

The debates continue on into the night…

Liza maza: out of 53 reports gathered, 49 in favor of amending…three against…sa mga nakonsulta, 14 lamang ang gusto ng conass. Ang 15, mas marami, ang gusto ay concon. 24 ay walang specific preference kung ano ang mode of amending the constitution…two preferred amendments done before 2010, 12 preferred beyond. Doon sa konsultasyon na pinangunahan ng ating butihing chair, 2 lamang ang gusto before 2010. May katotohanan ba ang sinasabi na iyong mga proponents ng chacha ay alam ang kagustuhan ng kanilang constituencies…this has no basis even as shown by the results of the survey and consultations conducted by the proponents themselves.

Barzaga: consultations made…sometime in October 2008. Therefore it is possible that although that is the pulse of their constituents, they might have changed their minds. Any rate the consultation will be the lookout of our distinguished colleagues…our colleagues, 171 of them, have signed this resolution…this was signed several months ago and we do not know right now what is the pulse of their respective constituents. There is a big possibility when this is put to vote…it is question addressed primarily to the sound judgment of our colleagues.

…according to dean bernas and also justice Mendoza…we have the same issue insofar as constituent assembly is concerned…right now resolution filed by our colleague…under section 3 it is a majority vote of all its members…in this particular case this issue of voting jointly and separately would always arise, not only in cases of constituent assembly…

Maza: aware that such issues will arise from this house resolution. But my concern is when the house approves house resolution 1109 and in the event the SC also affirms the decision of congress, is it possible also to postpone the elections of 2010? Under that situation?

Barzaga: everything is possible but it depends upon the sound judgment and wisdom of members of constituent assembly.

Maza: possible also for president arroyo and rest of current officials of this land to still be in their respective positions once house reso is approved…

Barzaga: as I have stated earlier, everything is possible. But we have provided for self-imposed limitations.

Maza: but even chair of committee…Ortega…admitted that once congress sits as constituent assembly, will have own rules and not bound by this resolution and the limitations imposed by this resolution? Anything goes once we approve this and constituent assembly performs its functions. Insofar as constituent assembly is concerned house reso 1109 is already done.

Barzaga: same answer as my answer to the previous question.

Maza: the different interest groups that will be affected by this house resolution and charter change…

Barzaga: I represent the largest congressional district in entire phils…people in my district constitute 1.560m…

Maza: to again railroad chacha at this time…especially our country now experiencing a lot of problems because of global economic crisis, this is untimely. This has no support from people and should be abandoned now. Pushing for chacha will be inviting for division of our country and the anger of our people.

Guingona: let’s call a spade a spade. This is the first step towards changing the constitution, with one ultimate aim. For gloria macapagal arroyo to remain in power indefinitely…conditions ay pangloloko lamang, made with intent to mislead the people. The arroyo administration has been in power for nine years, almost one half the time span of president Ferdinand marcos. In those 9 years gma has destroyed many institutions of gov’t and removed the faith of the Filipino people…

Speaker: the sponsor is now ready to respond. Gentleman from bukidnon may continue.

Guingona: (repeats last few lines…) some of these are….

Point of order: gentleman from tawi-tawi…gentleman from bukidnon reminded to shorten his predicate and go immediately to question.

Guingona: just because I am criticizing the president you want to shorten the question?

Speaker: that remark is stricken off the record.

Guingona: that cannot be done mr. chairman.


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