Two more Ah1n1 related deaths reported

The health department has recorded two more deaths connected with Ah1n1.

Dr. Yolanda Oliveros said one was a 74 year old male and the other, a seven year old girl. The first one had underlying medical conditions; the girl had asthma.

“It was too late na nadala sa hospital; pagdating sa hospital severe respiratory distress na (She was brought to the hospital too late; by the time she got there she was having severe respiratory distress),” Oliveros said.

So what are the danger signs: For children, Oliveros said it would be: rapid breathing, extreme drowsiness, poor intake of food, dehydration. Children with flu and exhibiting these signs should be brought to a doctor for consultation.

For adults, Oliveros said caregivers should look out for labored breathing and chest pain.

Influenza A(H1N1) is usually mild. But for those who belong in the high risk group — people with medical problems and whose health is already compromised, as well as the very young and the very old — it could be serious.

While the death rate is low — less than one percent of those who contract the disease — globally, about one third of those who died were young and healthy people.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that for this small group, there was rapid progression of the disease so that by the time they were brought in for treatment, it was too late.


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