Blog action day: No to ConAss


The Constitution, I was taught in school, is the embodiment of the will of the people, both past and future generations. It is the basic framework of our laws. It is through this that the people delegate some of their powers to the State.

But the delegated powers are limited. The Constitution prescribes limits to what the State can do to the individual, as well as mechanisms through which the people can control those whom they have chosen to govern them.

But what happens when the people are not allowed to protest, and through these protests show their disaffection with government? When demonstrators are prevented from going to rallies through “chokepoints” and “checkpoints,” rendering inutile the Constitutional provision that says “no laws shall be passed abridging the right of the people…peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances”?

What happens when criticism of government is denounced as propaganda and its critics vilified? When the press is kept from, and arrested for, covering events of national significance, and even the Senate is denied of its right to question government officials and check if they have been implementing the laws that the Congress has passed?

Will a people denied of its voice and of its right to freely protest really be given the power to change the Constitution? When government officials can easily dismiss surveys that show, year after year, dissatisfaction and cynicism towards the President as nothing more than “perception,” what assurance is there that Congress, which is composed mostly of friends, supporters and partymates of the President, will listen to the people in drafting the new Constitution?

In this situation, changing the Constitution will only emasculate the people, not empower them. In this situation, the new Constitution will only reflect the will of those in power, and not of the people.


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