Why is the president not here? Dilangalen asks.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Acting Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera, and Interior and Local Secretary Ronaldo Puno are present. Armed Forces chief Victor Ibrado and Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales are missing: Nograles explains that Ibrado was due to arrive from China at 4 p.m. while Nograles is in Singapore and will be available for tomorrow’s joint session.

Senator Richard Gordon asks why the two are absent from the joint session. If they could leave the country, he says, then maybe there is really no need to declare martial law at all.
Maguindanao Rep. Dilangalen asks why the President is not here. He expected her, he said, to explain in person the reasons why martial law was declared in his province.
Nograles says the President has “substantially complied” with the requirements of the Constitution by submitting a report in writing. According to the Congressional rules, he adds, the only two persons who were required to attend and who were not present were Ibrado and Gonzales.

nograles: earlier today we received phone call from ibrado…his plane will land from china at 4pm today. Phone call from Gonzales still in Singapore will be available tomorrow. Would like to confirm…we have agreed undersec alberto Valenzuela and Antonio santos, oic of dnd, and ltgen Rodrigo maclang, AFP vc will take place of gen ibrado and sec Norberto Gonzales while they are still forthcoming.

Enrile: senate president also called by Gonzales…in Singapore and informed sen president not possible for him to fly back to manila to attend session…not made any booking. Will be available at any other session other than today.

Roxas: on matter of snd unable to attend…not a secret. Moved 24 hours. Original sched was yesterday. May we know hwat matter of such import had snd attending whatever it was he was attending to in Singapore while martial law was imposed in our country?
Enrile: chair of senate not in possession of facts…respectfully suggested we await arrival and ask him question directly.

Roxas: we have exec sec here…may we ask through chair inasmuch as we know he approves all travel.

Enrile: exec sec may answer.

Ermita: snd not available because of an impt mission in Singapore. Yesterday your honors…for immediate consultation…if necessary to fly over to kl…

Roxas: still request for official response from snd…

From camsur: not invited authorities on constitution law…
Nograles: purpose of joint session to listen to report of exec dept for factual reason or basis of declaration of ml under 1959.

Gordon: today we make history…beehoves exec to send highest officials…to implement martial law…lumalabas dito sa hindi pagdalo binabalewala ang kahalagahan ng kongreso. Wala nang mas mataas pa na isyu kaysa sa pagtawag ng martial law. Mahina ang kaso ng gobyerno. Kung nakakaalis ang snd, AFP, hindi napakaselan ng deklarasyon, everyting is under control.

Wala akong nakikitang valid reason na sila ay aalis. Pwede silang magpadala ng representante sa singapor. I am dismayed…na parang…mahina ang rason kung bakit dapat ipagpatuloy ang martial law sapagkat kaya pala nilang umalis, sabihin dito hindi kami kailangan diyan…

Enrile: we will raise question if that is wish of gentleman. Any rate there is valid explanation given by exec sec…

Dilangalen: why is pres not here?
Nograles: pres substantially complied…submitted report to the house.
Dilangalen: does pres not have any courtesy at all of informing us personally about reasons…the report in person why she declared martial law. I am from maguindanao…we are very affected..cosidering historical significance of this event, we thought that if the pres has declared martial law on dec 4, 2009 we also…the pres should be here and explain to us because not one…only congressman datumanong and i…really experience what it is to be representing an area of this country affected by martial law proclamation. Think the pres may not consider it as very impt to her…that is why asking why is she not here. Why is she not here.

Nograles: rules provide…that only following are required to attend joint session. Except for gen ibrado, landing at 4pm and sec Gonzales who will be aviaalbe in tomorrow’s session all other persons required by rules to be present are here.


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