Of hopes and dreams

p1030232I’m selling a lamp – made of old lotto tickets, the remnants of discarded dreams and unheard prayers. The lamp is made by political prisoners in Nueva Ecija – who are trying to raise P17,000, which they need to file a case with the Supreme Court.
The lawyer is free – the money is just for the filing of the case.
My sister, who brought the lamp home from Nueva Ecija, was not quoted a price by the one who gave her the lamp.
It’s just a lamp – its value rests more on what it stands for, what it was made of and who made it, instead of on the design.
I’d like to know if anyone would be interested in buying the lamp, and for how much. The political detainees are turning the discarded lotto tickets into items like this lamp, but they don’t know who to sell it to.